Automotive Audio System

Silicon Labs' high-performance solutions for car sound systems include high fidelity radio ICs that improve the end user experience, reduce system cost and take advantage of the latest digital features.

Silicon Labs' Solutions for Automotive Audio Systems

Silicon Labs Solutions Customer Benefits
Highly integrated, small footprint AM/FM: Optimized for entry-level automotive radios, the Si4740/5 multi-band receivers are small, low BOM count and economically priced; AEC-Q100 qualified Ease of design; customization of audio performance and entry-level automotive performance; ideal for fast-growing emerging automotive markets
Advanced isolated gate drivers: Delivering from 30 W up to 1000 W of audio power; AEC-Q100 qualified Superior high-fidelity audio performance for high-power Class D digital audio systems, robust noise tolerance and precise dead-time control
Automotive qualified MCUs: AEC-Q100 qualified, with temperature operation up to 125 °C Small packages, enables full operational specification across the entire automotive voltage and temperature range with no design trade-offs
Multi-band radio receiver family: Pin compatible silicon DSP radio receiver family supporting FM, AM, SW, LW, WB-SAME, and RDS reception Flexible radio design for multitude of bands and features based on common hardware platform
Fully integrated, self aligned radio: Robust silicon radio requiring minimal external passive components and no external tuned components Low power, small footprint, and low manufacturing cost (requires no manual tuning)
Reliable capacitive sensing support: Innovative MCU functionality with capacitive sensing, wake-on-touch, and LED lighting control Enables stylish and differentiated user interfaces
Human interface capabilities: Industry's most sensitive active infrared proximity sensor IC to enable touchless human interface applications Implement extended range infrared motion sensing with unusually low power levels
Mixed-signal 8051 MCU: Industry's smallest footprint without compromising on performance or integration Optimized for space-constrained, low-power, low-cost applications; cost sensitive, pin-compatible OTP options available
Complete USB 2.0 connectivity: Easily converts data traffic between USB and UART formats Connect to any UART to provide instantaneous USB connectivity; free software drivers provided