Handset/Smart Phone

Cellular handsets are increasingly offering advanced functionality at a lower cost. Our high-performance, single-chip audio solutions enable handset makers to deliver AM and FM radio in a small footprint with excellent quality for a superior user experience.

Silicon Labs' Solutions for Handsets and Smart Phones

Silicon Labs Solutions Customer Benefits
RDS and audio performance: Best FM radio audio and RDS data reception in highly integrated, miniature footprint Drives reliable acquisition of RDS-based song-tagging, driving revenue to carrier or OEM
Low cost FM RDS receiver: Very small FM receiver for low-end handsets Enhances OEM brand & user experience
Highly integrated, small footprint AM/FM: Robust silicon radio requiring minimal external passive and no external tuned components Viable solution for Handset OEMs and carriers looking to cover AM listener base
Reliable capacitive sensing support: Innovative MCU functionality with capacitive sensing, wake-on-touch, and LED lighting control Enables stylish and differentiated user interfaces
Robust, Low-Power and Easy to Use RH and Temperature Sensor: Combines a mixed signal IC manufactured on standard CMOS with a proven technique of measuring humidity using a polymer dielectric film High integration, factory calibration and optional factory installed hydrophobic filter/cover enable reduced system cost and complexity in automotive applications