Docking Station (Home Audio)

Home audio docking stations enable portable audio players to deliver more than a headphone-only experience by delivering room-filling sound. These docking stations commonly employ inexpensive built-in speakers which benefit from DSP-based audio processing.
Silicon Labs' high fidelity, high-performance audio receivers and transmitters are ideal for portable audio accessories and docking stations, delivering premium sound at an economical price point. Paired with our family of mixed-signal MCUs and wireless receivers, we offer a bundled solution with a tiny footprint.

Silicon Labs' Solutions for Docking Stations

Silicon Labs Solutions Customer Benefits
Multi-band radio receiver family: Pin compatible silicon DSP radio receiver family supporting FM, AM, SW, LW, WB-SAME, and RDS reception Flexible radio design for multitude of bands and features based on common hardware platform
Fully integrated, self aligned radio: Robust silicon radio requiring minimal external passive components and no external tuned components Low power, small footprint, and low manufacturing cost (requires no manual tuning)
Single chip remote control IC: EZRadio RF transmitter remote control IC, embedded MCU, crystal-less design Simpler design, shorter design cycles than traditional solutions
Reliable capacitive sensing support: Innovative MCU functionality with capacitive sensing, wake-on-touch, and LED lighting control Enables stylish and differentiated user interfaces
Human interface capabilities: Industry's most sensitive active infrared proximity sensor IC Implement extended range infrared motion sensing with unusually low power levels
Easy communication between device: Single-chip bridge converts the traffic between USB to UART formats Eliminates external devices; free software drivers included