MP3 Player (Portable Audio Player)

An MP3 Player is a consumer electronics device that stores, organizes and plays audio files. Typically either Flash-based or hard drive-based, these devices require battery efficiency, fidelity and a small footprint. Our Audio Receiver and MCU solutions can help you design a differentiated, high-performance product in a small footprint.

Silicon Labs' Solutions for MP3 Portable Audio Players

Silicon Labs Solutions Customer Benefits
RDS and audio performance: Best FM radio audio and RDS data reception in highly integrated, miniature footprint Drives reliable acquisition of RDS-based song-tagging, driving revenue to carrier or OEM.
Enhances OEM brand & user experience
Reliable capacitive sensing support: Innovative MCU functionality with capacitive sensing, wake-on-touch, and LED lighting control Enables stylish and differentiated user interfaces
Wireless range & robustness: Industry-leading wireless solutions (highest sensitivity, longest range, lowest system cost) Reliably interact with remote control; transmit data