GPS/Personal Navigation Device (PND)

Silicon Labs' small footprint Audio and MCU solutions offer navigation device makers a comprehensive, full-featured solution for traffic message channel (TMC), capacitive touch sense, FM transmit and LED control.

Silicon Labs' Solutions for GPS/Personal Navigation Devices

Silicon Labs Solutions Customer Benefits
Timing synchronization: The industry leader in RDS performance, offering the most highly integrated and smallest monolithic companion data receiver Highest performance of any monolithic companion data receiver for monitoring traffic data
The market leading FM transmitter (Si471x) and transceiver (Si472x) for sharing songs, transmitting voice commands, RDS and music to in-car stereos The industry’s best performing, most highly integrated FM transmit and receive device in a single, small footprint; achieves regulatory transmit output limits more reliably and at lower distortion levels than any competitor
Precision processing: Industry’s lowest active and sleep mode current consumption with operation down to 0.9 V; capacitive sensing versions also available Single cell operation and extended battery life
I/O communications and support: Low power LCD controller, easily interfaced with SPI or I2C Works efficiently with the MCU to reduce system size and power consumption
Single-chip bridge converts data traffic between USB and UART formats Eliminates external devices; free software drivers included
Highly integrated, voice codec; direct interface to Si24xx modems Create a modular architecture that can be readily expanded and changed
Human-machine interface: Industry’s most sensitive active infrared proximity sensor IC to enable touchless human interface applications Implement extended range infrared motion sensing with unusually low power levels