Infotainment and Driver Information

Drivers now expect advanced infotainment applications and telematics as standard features on most vehicles. Silicon Labs helps designers build high-performance driver information systems that offer benefits in terms of energy efficiency and advanced user interfaces. Silicon Labs’ patented touch and proximity sensor ICs enable intuitive human-machine interface design, including advanced touchless gesture recognition, and fast, responsive touch sensing.
Silicon Labs’ AM/FM receivers, transmitters and RDS tuners have shipped into more than a billion devices worldwide. Features like multi-path cancellation, programmable soft muting, radio and amplifier coexistence, digital audio processing, touchless tuning, song “tagging,” album art and song display, wireless remotes and automated display read out brightness are features Silicon Labs enables without introducing problematic trade-offs or adding unnecessary complexity or cost to the design. Whether you are designing an automotive audio system, a GPS/navigation system, tire pressure monitor, back-up camera or other interactive system, Silicon Labs can help.
Touch screen GPS