AEC-Q100 Certified

Silicon Labs’ portfolio of mixed-signal ICs offers many of the industry’s most highly integrated, best performing microcontrollers, broadcast audio products, short range wireless solutions, isolators and touch and proximity sensors optimized for automotive applications. Our proven mixed-signal capability enables reduced design and manufacturing complexity, increased reliability, lower costs, new features and improved performance.
Automotive Applications Car  
Our highly reliable mixed-signal IC solutions include AEC-Q100 qualified parts for better performing body electronics, infotainment, telematics and more. Our products are designed to address several of the most important trends in automotive applications: increasing complexity of new features and functionality to sustain differentiation and the need to reduce system and manufacturing costs while maintaining the highest standards of quality and reliability.
Our ability to offer low power, high performance and mixed-signal solutions in highly integrated devices gives customers a head start in their development process. Years of shipping history and automotive grade products give customers confidence our technology can be reliably applied from entry-level to premium applications.