Satellite Set-Top Box

A satellite set-top box takes the signal sent by the satellite system and converts it into a format for the TV to view. Silicon Labs' high-performance embedded modems provide a reliable return path for satellite set-top boxes. Our satellite receivers offer an integrated tuner and demodulator front end.

Silicon Labs' Solutions for Satellite Set-Top Boxes

Silicon Labs Solution Customer Benefits
Comprehensive video support: Innovative tuner, demodulator, and satellite receiver solutions for accessing a wide range of analog and digital video signals Customer can use STB to access analog and/or digital TV signals across multiple sources: cable, satellite, terrestrial.
Complete front panel solutions: MCU functionality specifically designed for STB front panel use: LED, touch panel, remote control, HDMI CEC, Wake-on-LAN Visually appealing and highly functional user interface
Embedded backchannel & VoIP support: Industry-leading modem, SLIC, and DAA solutions for converged voice and data gateway support Enhanced user interactivity & functionality including value-added TV services (e.g. PPV, VOD, shopping, etc.) and VoIP