Human Interface Solutions

Silicon Labs offers a unique portfolio of the industry’s fastest capacitive touch sense MCUs, touchscreen controllers and optical sensor solutions to enable sophisticated user interfaces in electronics products.

User Interface Solutions

Silicon Labs' portfolio of capacitive touchscreen and touch sense MCUs and optical sensor ICs feature touch and touchless user interface solutions, including the innovative touchless slider which can detect complex gestures. Developers will find reliable and responsive UI products including:
  • Multi-touch touch screens
  • Capacitive buttons
  • Capacitive sliders and wheels
  • Capacitive proximity sensing
  • Infrared proximity sensing
  • Ambient light sensing
  • Touchscreen USB bridge controllers

Mixed-Signal Intelligent Sensor Devices

Silicon Labs is a leading supplier of mixed-signal intelligent sensor solutions that are characterized by superb reliability, compact size, high levels of integration and unmatched ease of use for a variety of applications.

Development Tools

Silicon Labs offers complete tools to help designers throughout the entire project cycle. Both the infrared and capacitive sensing solutions include hardware and software platforms to easily set up and configure, compile and debug a project.

Human Interface Applications

Optimized for power efficiency, the Si1102 and Si1120 proximity and ambient light sensor ICs enable touchless human interface sensing with superior detection range. These sensors are ideal for applications that can benefit from system power savings, tamper detection/proofing, motion sensing and gesture interpretation.
When paired with the C8051F7xx, C8051F8xx, C8051F97x and C8051F99x capacitive touch sense and touchscreen MCUs, these devices enable smart motion sensing, giving designers a complete array of human interface technologies to improve the end-user experience.
Human interface applications examples