Energy Harvesting Applications

Silicon Labs enables to implement self-sustaining, ultra-low-power wireless sensor networks. In addition to being environmentally-friendly and virtually inexhaustible, harvested energy provides a cost-effective, convenient alternative to conventional batteries.
The appeal of completely self-powered circuits in today's socioeconomic climate is clear:
  • Lifetime operation
  • No batteries or maintenance
  • Environmentally-friendly design
  • Lower system costs
8-bit MCU Energry Harvesting Tools
8-bit Energy Harvesting Tools Learn more »

8-bit MCU Design Tools

Energy Harvesting Reference Design

Silicon Labs' Energy Harvesting Reference Design (ENERGY-HARVEST-RD) consists of a wireless sensor node and a USB wireless adapter. The wireless sensor node is powered by a solar cell. There is an auxiliary input that will allow power to be sourced from other energy harvesting alternatives such as thermal, piezo or RF. The Si1xxx measures temperature (using an on-chip temperature sensor), light level and charge level. This sensor information is transmitted wirelessly to the USB wireless adapter. The sensor data is then presented on a GUI for a PC.
8-bit Energy Harvesting Reference Design  

Energy Harvesting Reference Design

The Energy Harvesting Reference Design illustrates how to use an Si1xxx wireless microcontroller in an extremely low power wireless sensor node application.
8-bit Energy Harvesting Software  

8-bit Energy Harvesting Software

The reference design includes software, loaded on PC to display the temperature, light level and charge level that are measured in the wireless sensor node.
8-bit Energy Harvesting Solutions  

8-bit Energy Harvesting Solutions

An energy harvesting wireless sensor node can be easily implemented using a wireless MCU or a low power MCU and an EZRadioPRO RF transceiver.
32-bit MCU Energry Harvesting Tools
32-bit Energy Harvesting Tools

32-bit MCU Design Tools

Energy Harvesting Solution To Go Kit

The Energy Harvesting Solution To Go Kit provides a complete solution for battery-less Cortex®-M3 application development, including harvesting of the energy, energy management and storage to the application. The transfer of this solution to the development of a battery-less product is made easy by providing the selection of the right components, schematics and software examples. The kit consists of two basic parts: an energy harvesting board from Linear Technology and Silicon Labs' EFM32™ Giant Gecko Starter Kit.
Linear Technology Energy Harvesting Kit  

Efficient Energy Harvesting

Linear Technology delivers power management products for efficient energy harvesting from sustainable vibration, solar and thermal sources. The LTC3588 power supply harvest energy from a piezoelectric transducer.
32-bit Energy Friendly MCUs

Energy-Friendly MCUs

The ARM® Cortex-M3 EFM32 Gecko microcontroller offers ultra low-power operation to support applications using harvested energy. Features include sub µA sleep modes, autonomous peripherals and 32-bit performance.
Wuerth Elektronik Portfolio  

Components Portfolio

Wuerth Elektronik is the biggest European manufacturer of passive and electromechanical components, and the large product portfolio offers the basis for any energy harvesting application.

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