Intelligent Home Automation and Security

Home Automation systems are enhancing the convenience, safety, comfort, and energy efficiency of a growing number of homes around the world. Once restricted to only the most elaborate homes, integrated home automation systems are now within the reach of mainstream consumers through electronics retail outlets, do-it-yourself stores or as a complete home awareness/security service offered by broadband, wireless or security service providers. The use of simple, reliable, and low-cost wireless networking is a key cost-enabler for bringing these systems into the mainstream.
The latest security and home automation systems leverage innovations in sensing, connectivity and embedded computing to eliminate the need for professionally installed systems with reams of cables and a matrix of large and unsightly sensors. New IC technology is enabling smaller, more affordable, less power hungry and more easily installed security and home automation systems. Complex wiring can be replaced by reliable, low-cost wireless technology, and efficient processing can enable low-cost and small footprint sensor technology

Silicon Lab' Connected Home Solutions

Application Requirements Silicon Labs Solution
Core Processing
  • Long battery life — extremely low power operation and single cell capable
  • Affordable, yet scalable processor
  • Low system cost

C8051F9xx Low Power MCUs

Cost-effective 8051 MCU with performance ideally suited for this application. BOM savings via integrated ADC, comparators, temp sensors, capacitive sensing, infrared panel motion and intrusion detection, etc.
Wireless Connectivity and Control
  • Ability to communication over long distances
  • Ability to communicate through walls and other barriers
  • Increased battery life via low power operation – low sleep mode current and fast wake-up
  • Simple, reliable, low-cost networking
  • Interoperability, co-existence with other 2.4 GHz devices

Si446x EZRadioPRO Radios


Si10xx Wireless MCUs


ZigBee EM35xx Series

Capable of long range communication via integrated power amplifier and high sensitivity diversity. Optimal performance and link quality via embedded antenna diversity. Scalable, self-configuring, self-healing mesh networking with proven, mature ZigBee solution.
Other I/O and Peripheral Support
  • Transmit and receive data
  • Handle audio/sound
  • Transmit and receive voice
  • Interface to service ports
  • Connect to Ethernet
  • Remotely receive power
  • Infrared sensing

Si24xx Modems


Si3000 Audio Codec


Si3056/IA322x DAAs


CP210x USB to UART Bridge


CP220x Ethernet Controller


Si340x Power over Ethernet


Si114x Infrared Sensors


ZigBee — A Standard for Wireless Home Automation

ZigBee has emerged as the dominant wireless control networking standard, displacing the patchwork of proprietary niche solutions of the past. ZigBee’s simple, scalable, self-configuring, and self-healing mesh networking is multi-vendor standard that allows home automation systems developers the choice of building their own vendor-specific integrated systems, a fully open, multi-system vendor offering, or a combination of both.
  • Mature, stable, open multi-vendor standard
  • Self-configuring, self-healing mesh networking
  • Strong security with build-in encryption
  • Standard messaging through Home Automation Profile
  • Proven, robust coexistence with other wireless technologies
Silicon Labs' ZigBee products deliver a fully integrated platform — chip, software, and tools — resulting in the most reliable, scalable, and widely adopted ZigBee solution available. In addition to leading silicon and ZigBee stack software, the platform also provides the software and tools infrastructure to deliver complete, robust solutions quickly. ZigBee devices enable:
  • Reliable over-the-air software updating
  • Complete reference applications for home automation
  • Industry leading development tools that speed system development
  • Manufacturing test library options that enable high-volume manufacturing

Home Automation Customers

Top home automation companies have used Ember products for their ZigBee wireless control solutions.
  • AMX
  • Centralite
  • Control 4
  • Crestron
  • Colorado vNet
  • Eaton Home HeartBeat
  • France Telecom
  • Kalirel
  • LG Electronic
  • Plugwise
  • Remote Technologies Inc.
  • SK Telecom

Success Stories

Cracking the mainstream home automation market requires cost-effective, standards-based components that support ease of use, retrofitting, and future developments. Control4 and the Ember platform created a wireless solution that hits all the marks.