Si4708/09 Tiny FM Radio Receivers


As the world's smallest FM receiver solution, the Si4708/09 FM radio receiver ICs extend Silicon Labs' Si4700 FM tuner family and further increases the ease and attractiveness of adding FM radio reception to mobile devices.​

Requiring only 6.25 mm² of board space, the Si4708/09 ICs are the world's smallest FM receivers offering a minimum component count, flexible and proven programmability and superior, proven performance. The Si4708/09 leverage Silicon Labs' highly successful and patented Si4700/01/02/03 FM tuner and are software-compatible to existing Si4700/01/02/03 FM tuner designs. The Si4708/09 ICs benefit from proven digital integration and 100% CMOS process technology, resulting in a completely integrated solution. The Si4708/09 ICs' highly flexible functionality caters to the subjective nature of audio preferences and variable FM broadcast environments worldwide.



  • Worldwide FM band support (76–108 MHz)
  • Automatic frequency control (AFC)
  • Automatic gain control (AGC)
  • Excellent overload immunity
  • Signal strength measurement
  • Digital low-IF receiver

Si4708/09 Product Matrix

Part Number Data Sheet Description Tuning Method Display Method Mono/Stereo RDS FM AM SW LW WB TX EN55020
FM Receiver - ultra small package Digital Digital Stereo No Yes No No No No No No
FM Receiver w RDS - ultra small package Digital Digital Stereo Yes Yes No No No No No No
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