Si4712/13 FM Radio Transmitter ICs

The Si4712/13 ICs are the industry's first 100% CMOS FM radio transmitters with an integrated receiver measure receive signal strength. The devices leverage Silicon Labs’ proven Si4700/01 FM receiver and offer unmatched integration and performance, allowing FM transmit to be added to any portable device with a single chip. As with the Si4700/01 ICs, the Si4712/13 FM transmitter offers industry-leading size, performance, low power consumption and ease of use.
The Si4712/13’s ICs' digital integration reduces the required external components of traditional offerings, resulting in a solution requiring only an external inductor and bypass capacitor and PCB space of approximately 15 mm2. High reliability in device manufacturing, improved quality, easy design-in and software programmability are key advantages of the Si4712/13 ICs.


  • Integrated receiver for receive power measurement
  • Worldwide FM band support (76–108 MHz) for transmit
  • Requires only two external components
  • Frequency synthesizer with integrated VCO
  • Digital stereo modulator
  • Programmable pre-emphasis (50/75 μs)
  • Analog/digital audio interface


  • Cellular handsets/hands-free
  • MP3 players
  • Portable audio/video players
  • Wireless speakers
  • Wireless microphones
  • Satellite digital audio radios
  • Personal computers/notebooks

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Product Matrix
Part NumberDescriptionTuning MethodDisplay MethodMono/StereoRDSFMAMSWLWWBTXEN55020Datasheet
Si4712FM Transmitter with Receive Power ScanDigitalDigitalStereoNoNoNoNoNoNoYesNo
Si4713FM Transmit w RDS and Receive Power ScanDigitalDigitalStereoYesNoNoNoNoNoYesNo
    The Si4713 IC supports the European Radio Data System (RDS) and the US Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS) standards including all the symbol encoding, block synchronization and error correction functions. Using this feature, the Si4713 IC enables data such as artist name and song title to be transmitted to an RDS/RBDS receiver.
    Users are responsible for adjusting their systems' radiated power levels to comply with local regulations on RF transmission (FCC, ETSI, ARIB, etc.)

    ​Superior Performance

    The SEMC w980i was named European Imaging and Sound Association's Best Music Phone award for 2008
    “One incredibly valuable innovation is the built-in FM radio transmitter. This broadcasts phone-based music playback to a standard car radio, even transferring artist and track details via RDS.”  - EISA


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