MEMS Oscillator Products

Silicon Labs’ CMEMS® general-purpose MEMS oscillators provide fast, free, and easy customization for any frequency between 32 kHz and 100 MHz. They are a perfect fit for low cost, high shock applications, providing greater reliability, stability across temperature, and better aging than traditional crystal oscillators of the same class.
Browse standard configurations for the most popular MEMS oscillator configurations. If your preferred configuration is not there, we provide fast, free, and easy customization online. Or buy a Field Programming Kit to get samples any time you need them, right in your lab.
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CMEMS Technology — Better by Design

MEMS Oscillator ResonatorSilicon Labs’ CMEMS oscillators are built using a revolutionary technology. The single-chip design offers outstanding device reliability and guarantees ±20 ppm frequency stability for 10 years of operating life. It layers fine-line MEMS construction directly on top of standard CMOS processing, leveraging the sophistication, low cost and enormous scale of the most common foundry materials in the world.