​I2C User-Programmable Oscillator (XO and VCXO)

Silicon Labs has leveraged its proven DSPLL® technology to create user-programmable XOs and VCXOs that provide any-rate frequency synthesis. The Si570 any-rate programmable XO and the Si571 any-rate programmable VCXO generate any frequency from 10 MHz to 1.4 GHz and target low jitter applications requiring reconfigurable clock sources. The Si57x replaces multiple discrete fixed-frequency oscillators with a single device, minimizing system costs and simplifying design reuse while improving system reliability.
Targeting high-performance timing applications, the Si57x provide outstanding frequency flexibility and jitter performance. For relaxed jitter and lower frequency applications, the Si598/599 and Si514 offer lower cost alternatives.

Featured Products

Device Type Phase Jitter (typ) Frequency Range Footprint Performance


XO 0.3 ps RMS 10 - 1400 MHz 5x7 mm Best


VCXO 0.5 ps RMS 10 – 1400 MHz 5x7 mm Best


XO 0.5 ps RMS 10 – 810 MHz 5x7 mm Better


VCXO 0.7 ps RMS 10 – 810 MHz 5x7 mm Better


XO 0.8 ps RMS 0.1 – 250 MHz 5x7 mm, 3.2x5 mm Good

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Customize XO/VCXO Devices

Minimize System-Level Noise and Interference White Paper



  • Wide frequency range: 100 kHz to 1.4 GHz
  • Superior jitter performance: 0.3 ps RMS
  • High Frequency stability (±20 ppm)
  • User-programmable any-frequency synthesis
  • LVPECL, LVDS, CML, HCSL or LVCMOS outputs available
  • Operates with 1.8, 2.5, 3.3 V supplies
  • RoHS-compliant 5 mm x 7 mm and 3.2 mm x 5 mm package options
  • Output-enable active high/active low polarity versions available



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Data Sheet (3)

Si514 Any-Frequency I2C Programmable XO (100 kHz TO 250 MHz)
1.05/14/20121403 kB
Si570/Si571 Data Sheet
1.54/22/2014547 kB
Si598-99 Data Sheet
1.011/10/2011516 kB

User Guides (3)

Si57x-EVB User Guide
0.25/19/20101812 kB
Si5xx-ML52x-EVB User Guide
0.29/23/20094861 kB
Si5xx-PROG-EVB User's Guide
0.34/16/20141306 kB

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Product Matrix
Part NumberDescriptionFrequency RangeOutput Format(s)Phase Jitter (RMS)Stability (+/- ppm)Supply VoltageTemperature RangePackage SizeOE (active high)DatasheetDev Kit
Si514Any Frequency I2C Programmable XO0.1 - 250 MHzLVPECL; LVDS; HCSL; CMOS; dual CMOS0.8 ps30; 50; 1001.8 V; 2.5 V; 3.3 V-40 to 85 °C3.2x5 mm; 5x7 mm
Si570Any-Freq I2C Programmable XO, OE Pin 210 MHz - 1.4 GHzLVPECL; LVDS; CML; CMOS0.3 ps20; 31.5; 61.51.8 V; 2.5 V; 3.3 V-40 to 85 °C5x7 mmPin 2
Si571VCXO; Diff/SE; I2C Prog; 10-1417 MHz10 MHz - 1.4 GHzLVPECL; LVDS; CML; CMOS0.5 ps20; 50; 1001.8 V; 2.5 V; 3.3 V-40 to 85 °C5x7 mmPin 2
Si598Any Frequency I2C Programmable XO10 - 810 MHzLVPECL; LVDS; CML; CMOS0.5 ps30; 50; 1001.8 V; 2.5 V; 3.3 V-40 to 85 °C5x7 mmPin 2
Si599VCXO; Diff/SE; I2C Prog; 10-810 MHz10 - 810 MHzLVPECL; LVDS; CML; CMOS0.7 ps20; 501.8 V; 2.5 V; 3.3 V-40 to 85 °C5x7 mmPin 2


    Silicon Labs’ DSPLL technology makes complex frequency generation simple, fast and cost effective. This innovative technology integrates Silicon Labs’ expertise in Phase-locked-loops (PLL), DSP and VCO to create crystal oscillators and VCXOs that synthesize frequencies up to 1.4 GHz with an initial accuracy of 1 ppb.


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