EFM32GG230F1024-QFN64 ARM Cortex-M3 32-bit Microcontroller

Flash (kB)

The EFM32GG230F1024-QFN64 is an ARM Cortex-M3 based microcontroller (MCU) with speeds up to 48 MHz and is part of the Giant Gecko family of energy friendly devices. Built on top of a low-power platform that includes innovative low energy techniques, fast wake-up times and energy saving modes the EFM32GG230F1024-QFN64 is ideal for energy sensitive applications. In addition, this device includes 1024 kB Flash, 128 kB RAM, 56 Dig I/O Pins, 4 x 16-bit Timers and multiple communication interfaces. 

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Specifications Summary

MCU Core: ARM Cortex-M3

MHz: 48

Flash (kB): 1024

RAM (kB): 128

I²S: 1

SPI: 3

I²C: 2



USB: 0

Dig I/0 Pins: 56

ADC: 12-bit, 8-ch., 1 Msps

DAC: 12-bit, 2 ch.


Package Type: QFN64

Package Size: 9x9

Development Tools Type
EFM32GG-STK3700 Starter Kits
EFM32GG-DK3750 Development Kits
Title Version Resource Type
AN0054 Smart Phone Audio Jack Interface 1.03 Example Code
EFM32GG-DK3750 Giant Gecko Development Kit User's Guide 0.91 User Guides
AN0034 External Bus Interface 1.07 Example Code
EFM32 Development Kit Main Board Schematic A02 Schematic and Layout Files
Simplicity Studio v4, Linux Installer V4.1.1.1 Software
AN0003: UART Bootloader 1.71 Application Notes
AN0021 Analog to Digital Converter 1.11 Example Code
AN0031 Kit Prototyping PCB Library 1.0 Example Code
Implementing Low Power Graphical User Interfaces with 32-bit Microcontrollers 1.0 White Papers
Simplicity Studio v4 (Windows) V4.1.1.1 Software
AN1029: Linked Direct Memory Access (LDMA) Controller 0.1 Application Notes
EFM32GG Development Kit Daughter Card Schematic A05 Schematic and Layout Files
AN0042: USB/UART Bootloader 1.20 Application Notes
AN0017 Low Energy UART 1.07 Errata
AN0061 Using EFM32 in Energy Harvesting Applications 1.01 Example Code
Die Wahl der optimalen Batterie für Ihr Embedded-System 1.0 White Papers
EFM32 Cortex-M3 Reference Manual 1.1 Reference Manuals
energyAware Profiler Package 1.14 Software
AN0002.0: EFM32 和 EZR32 无线 MCU 系列 0 硬件设计注意事项 1.46 Application Notes
AN0041 Backup Power Domain 1.24 Example Code
AN0816 EFM32 Brushless DC Motor Control 1.1 Example Code
AN0047 Interfacing Graphical Displays 1.04 Example Code
How to Pick the Right Microcontroller Based on Low-Power Specifications 1.0 White Papers
AN0039 Interrupt Handling 1.03 Example Code
AN0019 EEPROM Emulation 1.08 Example Code
AN0007 Energy Modes 1.07 Example Code
AN0004 Clock Management Unit 1.07 Example Code
AN0024 Pulse Counter 1.06 Example Code
EFM32 Development Kit EXP Proto Board Schematic A00 Schematic and Layout Files
AN0006 EFM32 Tickless Calendar with Temperature Compensation 2.05 Example Code
AN1011: Standalone Programmer via the SWD Interface 0.1 Application Notes
AN0918: EFM32 to EFM32 Gemstones or Wireless Gecko Compatibility and Migration Guide 1.01 Application Notes
B1308281 EFM32 Product Bulletin for Label and Document Changes Product Change Notifications (PCN)
AN0052 USB MSD Host Bootloader 1.02 Example Code
AN0062 Programming Internal Flash Over the Serial Wire Debug Interface 1.02 Example Code
AN0046 USB Hardware Design Guide 1.0 Example Code
AN0033 AES Cipher Modes with EFM32 1.10 Example Code
AN0021: Analog to Digital Converter 1.11 Application Notes
EFM32GG Starter Kit (STK) Bill of Materials A03 Schematic and Layout Files
AN0023 Eclipse Toolchain 1.12 Example Code
PB #1405301: EFM32GG Datasheet Product Change Notifications (PCN)
EFM32 Starter Kit Documentation Package 3.0.1 User Guides
AN0063 Driving Electronic Paper Displays (E-paper) 1.0 Example Code
EFM32 Development Kit EXP Proto Board Bill of Materials A00 Schematic and Layout Files
AN0005 Real-Time Counters 1.09 Example Code
EFM32GG Reference Manual 1.20 Reference Manuals
AN0045 USART or UART Asynchronous mode 1.02 Example Code
EFM32GG-DK3750 Development Kit Documentation Package 1.0.2 Schematic and Layout Files
AN0816: EFM32 Brushless DC Motor Control 1.1 Application Notes
AN0051 Digital Signal Processing with the EFM32 1.02 Example Code
AN0861 LUFA USB Stack CDC Demo 1.0 Example Code
AN0057 EFM32 Segment LCD Driver 1.02 Example Code
AN0022 Digital to Analog Converter 1.09 Example Code
Selecting the Optimal Battery for your Embedded Application 1.1 White Papers
PRCN #1605191: EFM32GG Rev E Product Change Notifications (PCN)
EFM32GG-STK3700 Giant Gecko Starter Kit User's Guide 0.21 User Guides
AN0029 Low Energy Sensor Interface - Inductive Sense 1.05 Example Code
EFM32 Development Kit Main Board Bill of Materials A03 Schematic and Layout Files
EFM32GG230 Data Sheet 1.40 Data Sheets
UG266: Silicon Labs Gecko Bootloader User's Guide 0.1 User Guides
Thunderboard Sense Design Files Schematic and Layout Files
energyAware Designer Package 1.10 Software
Implementing Energy Harvesting in Embedded System Designs 1.0 White Papers
AN0028 Low Energy Sensor Interface - Capacitive Sense 2.03 Example Code
AN0822: Simplicity Studio User's Guide 0.3 Application Notes
AN0060 Bootloader with AES Encryption 1.05 Example Code
AN0040 Hardware Design for Capacitive Touch 1.01 Example Code
AN0030 FAT on SD Card 1.06 Example Code
AN0008 USART Synchronous Mode 1.12 Example Code
AN0048 Energy Optimized Display Application 1.03 Example Code
PB #1412112; EFM32GG900 Datasheet Product Change Notifications (PCN)
AN0038 Operational Amplifiers 1.05 Example Code
AN0018 Supply Voltage Monitoring 1.06 Example Code
AN0015 Watchdog 1.06 Example Code
Efficient Metal Detection and Inductive Sensor Monitoring in Sub-μA Deep Sleep Mode 1.0 White Papers
AN0055: Speex Codec 1.05 Application Notes
AN0020 Analog Comparator 1.07 Example Code
PB #1508122: Product Bulletin Reel 16mm hub width Supplier Addition EFM32 ASEKR Product Change Notifications (PCN)
AN0004.0: EFM32 and EZR32 Wireless MCU Series 0 Clock Management Unit (CMU) 1.09 Application Notes
AN0055 Speex Codec 1.04 Example Code
EFM32GG230 Errata History 1.20 Errata
Simplicity Studio v4, Mac Installer V4.1.1.1 Software
AN0012 GPIO 1.05 Example Code
AN0041: EFM32 Backup Power Domain 1.26 Application Notes
AN0032 Ethernet 1.07 Example Code
Energy Debugging Tools for Embedded Applications 1.0 White Papers
AN0059 UART Flow Control 1.01 Example Code
AN0036 Low Energy Sensor Interface - Resistive Sense 1.05 Example Code
AN0011 I2C Master and Slave Operation 1.05 Errata
AN0026 Low Energy Timer 1.05 Example Code
AN0003 UART Bootloader 1.80 Example Code
AN0002.0: EFM32 および EZR32 Wireless MCU シリーズ 0 ハードウェア設計上の考慮事項 1.46 Application Notes
EFM32GG Starter Kit (STK) Schematic A03 Schematic and Layout Files
AN0861 LUFA USB Stack CDC Demo 1.0 Application Notes
AN0043 Debug and Trace 1.02 Example Code
Simplicity Studio v1 1.10 Software
AN0053 IR Sensor Monitoring Using LESENSE 1.02 Example Code
AN0013 Direct Memory Access 2.05 Example Code
AN0025 Peripheral Reflex System 1.08 Example Code
energyAware Battery Estimator Package 0.93 Software
Fast Wake-up on Analog Events and Autonomous Rotational Tracking in Sub-μA Deep Sleep Mode 1.0 White Papers
AN0801 EFM32 as USB Host 1.01 Example Code
AN0823: Simplicity Configurator User's Guide 0.3 Application Notes
EFM32GG230 Rev D Errata 1.20 Errata
Smart Capacitive Touch and Gesture Detection in Sub-μA Deep Sleep Mode 1.0 White Papers
AN0002 Hardware Design Considerations 1.35 Example Code
AN0002.0: EFM32 and EZR32 Wireless MCU Series 0 Hardware Design Considerations 1.46 Application Notes
AN0042 USB-UART Bootloader 1.20 Example Code
energyAware Commander Package 2.82 Software
AN0009 Getting Started with EFM32 1.17 Example Code
AN0014 Timer 1.07 Example Code
AN0016: Oscillator Design Considerations 1.28 Application Notes
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