• 25 MIPS 8051 CPU
  • 32-64 kB Flash memory
  • 4352 B RAM
  • Two 16-bit ADCs with up to 1 Msps
  • 10-bit ADC with up to 200 ksps (C8051F060/1/2/3)
  • Two 12-bit DACs
  • Three comparators
  • Voltage reference
  • Temperature sensor
  • Five 16-bit timers
  • Six PCA channels

Getting Started with C8051F06x


C8051F060DK Development Kit

The easiest way to begin development with the C8051F06x AEC-Q100 qualified, low-cost microcontroller family is with the fully functional C8051F060DK development kit.

C8051F06x Product Matrix

Common Specifications
MCU Core: 8051
MHz: 25
RAM (kB): 4.25
ADC 1: 16-bit, 1-ch., 1 Msps
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