32-bit ARM Microcontroller Software Development Tools

Precision32 Integrated Development Environment

Silicon Labs’ Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) includes a full compiler, debugger, and an online dashboard for application-critical information such as a software library with example code, data sheets, schematics, PCB footprints, app notes, active version tracking, and automatic updates. These tools are available for free, with no code size or time limitations.

32-bit ARM Microcontroller AppBuilder Rapid Prototyping Utility

Precision32 AppBuilder Rapid Prototyping Utility

A centerpiece of the IDE is Silicon Labs’ Precision32™ GUI-based AppBuilder rapid prototyping utility, which enables developers to quickly and graphically select peripheral mix and properties, set up clocking modes, customize pinouts, and generate source code – all without having to read a data sheet or learn register settings. Sophisticated mode management validates peripheral properties and pin assignments, and provides real-time feedback when conflicts are detected.
AppBuilder Process 

Power Estimator Tool

"Power Aware" System Optimization Tools

The Precision32 Eclipse-based IDE and AppBuilder software include new, first-of-a-kind capabilities for estimating power consumption and providing configuration guidance for developers to achieve the lowest system power:
Power Estimator provides a graphical estimate of the total supply current of the MCU. Designers can see which peripherals consume the most power in the system and configuration changes are updated automatically in the output. Each mode, active and sleep, has its own Power Estimator output.
Power Tips provides software configuration guidance that helps developers minimize current consumption. This feature is available within AppBuilder allowing developers the ability to see power consumption while configuring the MCU.