Sub-Category Title App Note Software
ADC Calculating Settling Time For Switched Capacitor ADC’s AN119
Improving ADC Resolution by Oversampling and Averaging AN118 AN118SW
Using the On-Chip Temperature Sensor AN103 AN103SW
C8051F35x Delta-Sigma ADC User’s Guide AN217
DAC Using the DAC as a Function Generator AN123 AN123SW
Oscillator Temperature-Compensated Oscillator Example AN365 AN365SW



Sub-Category Title App Note Software
Configurable Logic Unit Configurable Logic Unit AN921
SMBus Serial Communication with the SMBus AN113 AN113SW
SMBus Communication for Small Form Factor Device Families AN141 AN141SW
SPI Software SPI Examples for the C8051F30x Family AN128 AN128SW
UART Software UART Examples AN115 AN115SW
USB USB Mass Storage Reference Design   AN282 AN282SW
Direct Access Driver Programmer’s Guide  AN169 AN169SW
Recertifying a Customized Windows HCK Driver Package AN807
USB Bootloader with Shared Direct Access Driver Library AN200 AN200SW
MMC Data Logger Example AN189 AN189SW
Human Interface Device (HID) Tutorials AN249 AN249SW  
HID Library API Specification AN532 AN532SW
C8051F32x and CP210x USB Driver Customization AN220 AN220SW
USB Audio Class Tutorial AN295 AN295SW
USB Driver Installation Utility AN335 AN335SW
Wireless Wireless M-Bus Software Implementation AN451
Wireless M-Bus Stack Programmer’s Guide AN452
Si1000 Code Examples AN474 AN474SW

Development Tools

Sub-Category Title App Note Software
Code Banking Code Banking Using the Keil 8051 Tools AN130 AN130SW
Code Banking Using the Tasking 8051 Tools AN143 AN143SW
Integrating Toolsets Integrating Keil 8051 Tools into the Silicon Labs IDE AN104
Integrating Raisonance 8051 Tools into the Silicon Labs IDE AN125
Integrating Tasking 8051 Tools into the Silicon Labs IDE AN126 AN126SW
Integrating HI-TECH 8051 Tools into the Silicon Labs IDE AN140 AN140SW
Integrating SDCC 8051 Tools Into The Silicon Labs IDE AN198 AN198SW
Integrating IAR 8051 Tools into the Silicon Labs IDE AN236 AN236SW
JTAG Configuration Multiple-Device JTAG Configuration in the Silicon Labs IDE AN134
Simplicity Studio Simplicity Studio C8051F85x Walkthrough AN0821 AN0821SW
Simplicity Studio User's Guide AN0822
Simplicity Configurator User's Guide AN0823  


Example Applications

Sub-Category Title App Note Software
Commercial Applications Digital Counting Scale AN184 AN184SW
Lithium Ion Battery Charger Using C8051F300 AN137 AN137SW
Low Pin-Count LCD Interface AN202 AN202SW
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) AN324 AN324SW
Three-Channel Power Sequencer AN145 AN145SW
High-Speed Lithium Ion Battery Charger AN146 AN146SW
Magnetic Stripe Reader AN148 AN148SW
Touchless Lavatory Appliance Design AN522
Motor Control Motor Control Software Examples AN191 AN191SW
Stepper Motor Reference Design AN155 AN155SW
Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Reference Design AN208 AN208SW

Hardware Development

Sub-Category Title App Note Software
Board-Level Hand Soldering Tutorial for the Fine Pitch QFP Devices AN114
C8051Fxxx Printed Circuit Board Design Notes AN203
AB0 Prototyping Board User’s Guide AN354
Interfacing Interfacing an External SRAM to the C8051Fxxx AN106 AN106SW
Using C8051Fxxx in 5 Volt Systems AN111
Programming Your MCU FLASH Programming via the C2 Interface AN127 AN127SW
Pin Sharing Techniques for the C2 Interface AN124
Programming FLASH through the JTAG Interface AN105 AN105SW
Using C8051Fxxx On-Chip Interface Utilities DLL AN117 AN117SW
Production Programming Options for Silicon Labs Devices AN136
Multiple-Device JTAG Configuration in the Silicon Labs IDE AN134
Capacitive Sensing Understanding Capacitive Sensing Signal to Noise Ratios and Setting Reliable Thresholds AN367
Effects of ESD Protection Devices on Capacitive Sensing Performance AN376
Printed Circuit Design Notes for Capacitive Sensing with the CS0 Module AN447
Low Power Capacitive Sensing AN507
Capacitive Sensing Library Overview AN0828
Capacitive Sensing Library Configuration Guide AN0829
Buried Capacitor Sensors for Tamper Protection AN528
Capacitive Sensing Through Long Wires AN529
Infrared Sensing Designer’s Guide for the Si1102 and Si1120 AN442
Designer’s Guide for the Si114x AN498
Overlay Considerations for the Si114x AN523
IR-LED Selection Guide AN521
Infrared Gesture Sensing AN580
Temperature Sensing Accurate Temperature Sensing with the EFM8 Laser Bee MCU Family AN929


Software Development

Sub-Category Title App Note Software
Cache Cache Optimizations for C8051F12x AN135 AN135SW
Example Code Annotated Examples for the F02x Family AN122 AN122SW
Implementing a Real-Time Clock AN108 AN108SW
16-Bit PWM Using an On-Chip Timer AN110 AN110SW
Implementing 16-Bit PWM Using the PCA AN107 AN107SW
Programming Guide for EFM8 and EZRadio AN954
Hardware Configuration Configuring the Port I/O Crossbar Decoder AN101 AN101SW
Configuring the Internal and External Oscillators AN102 AN102SW
Firmware Bootloader UART Bootloader AN778 AN778SW
USB Bootloader with Shared Direct Access Driver Library AN200 AN200SW
Modular Bootloader Framework for Silicon Labs C8051Fxxx MCUs AN533 AN533SW
CAN Bootloader AN534 AN534SW
LIN Bootloader AN535 AN535SW
​SMBus Bootloader ​AN767 AN767SW
​EFM8 Factory Bootloader User Guide ​AN945 AN945SW
Flash Flash Securities User's Guide AN120
Writing to Flash from Firmware AN201 AN201SW
EEPROM Emulation for Flash Microcontrollers AN568 AN568SW
EEPROM Emulation with Wear-Leveling for 8-Bit Flash MCUs​ AN798 AN798SW
Porting Firmware Between Devices Porting Considerations from C8051F02x to C8051F12x AN131 AN131SW
Differences Between the C8051F300 and the C8051T60x Device Family AN280 AN280SW
Differences Between the C8051F310 and the C8051T61x Device Family AN330 AN330SW
Porting Code for C8051F320/1 Devices to C8051T320/1 AN455
Porting Code for C8051F326/7 Devices to C8051T326/7 Devices AN456
Differences Between the C8051F330 and the C8051T63x Device Family AN339 AN339SW
Porting Considerations from C8051F330-5 and C8051F336/37/38/39 to C8051F39x/37x AN723
Differences Between the C8051F34A and the C8051T62x and C8051T32x Device Families AN368
Porting Considerations for Automotive MCUs AN397
C8051F90x/91x/98x/99x Software Porting Guide AN530
C8051F93x and C8051F90x Software Porting Guide AN431
CP2120 Porting Guide AN311
Porting Considerations from C8051F34x to C8051F38x AN789
Porting Considerations from C8051F320/1 and C8051F326/7 to C8051F38x AN804
Porting Considerations from C8051F30x and C8051F330/1/2/3/4/5 to C8051F85x/86x​ AN788 AN788SW
Signal Processing FFT Routines for the C8051F12x Family AN142 AN142SW
Using Microcontrollers in Digital Signal Processing Applications AN219 AN219SW


System-Level Considerations

Sub-Category Title App Note Software
Power Management Power Management Techniques and Calculation AN116
Power Management Techniques for the C8051F30x and C8051F31x AN138 AN138SW
Optimizing Low Power Operation of the C8051F9xx AN358 AN358SW
Debugging Techniques for the C8051F9xx AN359