TCP/IP Configuration Wizard

The full-featured, industry-standard CMX-MicroNet TCP/IP stack is included free of purchase costs or royalty fees in the Embedded Modem Development Kit and the Embedded Ethernet Development Kit.
The TCP/IP Configuration Wizard, also included in these kits, simplifies the importing of a Keil tool chain compatible CMX-MicroNet protocol stack. Stack object code and supporting directory structure are generated by the wizard as well as a custom library that describes the selected protocol configuration.
TCP/IP Configuration Wizard Features:
  • Support for C8051F02x, C8051F12x, C8051F13x and C8051F34x device families
  • Graphical interface assists in code generation
  • Select only the protocols required for the specific application
  • No user “stack” coding is required
  • HTTP, SMTP, TCP and UDP examples included

Ordering Information

The CMX-MicroNet TCP/IP stack is no longer available from Silicon Labs. To order, please contact CMX.