USB ToolStick

The Silicon Labs ToolStick is an easy to use development system that allows designers to develop and debug application firmware directly on the target microcontroller using the Silicon Labs Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Once complete, designers can replace the Daughter Card with a Programming Adapter and program blank devices for use in their actual system.



Simplicity Studio

Simplicity Studio is available as a free download. Install Simplicity Studio and follow the appropriate Daughter Card User Guide for instructions on using the development tools and running the demonstration firmware.
Supported Kits
  • C8051F850 ToolStick Starter Kit
  • C8051F300 ToolStick Daughter Card
  • C8051F311 ToolStick Daughter Card
  • C8051F321 ToolStick Daughter Card
  • C8051F327 ToolStick Daughter Card
  • C8051F330 ToolStick Daughter Card
  • C8051F336 ToolStick Daughter Card
  • C8051F342 ToolStick Daughter Card
  • C8051F370 ToolStick Daughter Card
  • C8051F381 ToolStick Daughter Card
  • C8051F411 ToolStick Daughter Card
  • C8051F850 ToolStick Daughter Card
  • C8051F912 ToolStick Daughter Card
  • C8051F931 ToolStick Daughter Card
  • C8051F990 ToolStick Daughter Card

Didn't find your kit?

For ToolStick kits not yet supported by Simplicity Studio, the ToolStick development platform is available as free downloads. Install the ToolStick Development Tools and Silicon Labs' 8-bit Microcontroller Studio to the same directory and follow the appropriate Daughter Card User Guide for instructions on using the development tools and running the demonstration firmware.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started experimenting with the ToolStick is with the ToolStick Starter Kit. This kit is a complete development system that contains a ToolStick Base Adapter and an interchangeable C8051F330 MCU Daughter Card. To continue developing with a selected MCU, use the guide below to choose the appropriate Daughter Card and Programming Adapter. Daughter Cards are sold individually and require a separate Base Adapter to be purchased if not previously owned. Programming Adapter kits include a Base Adapter and a separate purchase is not required.
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See the Silicon Labs MCUniversity page for information on ToolStick solutions for colleges and universities. See the Capacitive Touch Sense page for information on Silicon Labs' touch sense solutions and ToolStick development boards.

Daughter Card and Programming Adapter Add-Ons

Choose the appropriate Daughter Card and Programming Adapter for your part number. Refer to the ToolStick Base Adapter User Guide.
To develop with a different MCU, designers need the ToolStick Base Adapter.
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ToolStick Accessories and Resources

ToolStick Daughter Card Template

Create a ToolStick compatible Daughter Card using the ToolStick Daughter Card Template. The template includes a schematic, bill of materials and fab drawing for easy development of a ToolStick compatible Daughter Card.

ToolStick Debug Adapter

ToolStick Debug AdapterThe ToolStick Debug Adapter, in conjunction with a ToolStick Base Adapter, provides an interface between the PC’s USB port and the target device’s in-system debug/programming circuitry. The ToolStick Debug Adapter can be used to program and debug a standard Silicon Labs MCU development board.
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Application Driven ToolSticks

Application Driven ToolSticks demonstrate a specific application implementation using a Silicon Labs MCU device in addition to serving as a general development platform. The base adapter for Application Driver ToolSticks is included on the board, so a separate ToolStick Base Adapter is not required for code download and debugging.

ToolStick Class D Evaluation Kit NEW

Class D ToolStickThe ToolStickClassD evaluation kit demonstrates direct-drive Class D amplification using the SiM3U1xx high-drive I/O. The kit highlights the integrated USB 2.0 full-speed transceiver, internal oscillator and phase-locked loop (PLL), up to 300 mA high-drive I/O, dual ADCs, enhanced PWM timer and capacitive sensing. The evaluation kit includes a 1 W Class D amplifier and a speaker.
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