Simplicity Studio 3.3

Simplicity Studio™ Software provides one-click access to design tools, documentation, software and support resources for EFM32™, EFM8™, 8051, Wireless MCUs and Wireless Gecko SoCs. Simplicity Studio 3.3 now features an enhanced real-time Energy Profiler, 3x faster execution speed and an easier, faster installation process.

Get up and running quickly with precompiled demos, application notes and examples. Use advanced tools including energy profiling and network analysis to optimize your MCU and wireless systems.

What Our Customers Are Saying

simplicity studio
...When I evaluated Simplicity Studio, I thought that the name was just right. The Simplicity Studio development tool was much easier to use compared to other tools, and it had everything in one place including energy debugger and code examples. It just helped me get up and running quickly. Without that, I would have struggled for many months to come up to speed on the embedded development process...

Energy Profiler – A Better Way to Visualize, Debug, and Optimize Energy Consumption

Simplicity Studio Energy Profiler
The Energy Profiler offers a new, unique Energy Score feature, enabling developers to benchmark the energy efficiency of their IoT system designs. The Energy Score helps developers determine which design iteration provides the highest score directly correlated to battery life. A higher score (on a 0 to 10 scale) indicates lower energy consumption and longer battery life. This enables developers to save sessions, enabling them to compare relevant data from their saved sessions to gain a better understanding of how design modifications impact overall energy efficiency.

Energy Profiler also features an enhanced graphing capability that has the familiar look and feel of an oscilloscope. Developers can now zoom in on the X (time) and Y (power) axes of the graph to visualize the details of energy consumption with greater precision. In addition, the energy profiler provides a direct correlation between the energy graph, function analyzer and application code. This three-way correlation capability greatly enhances the ability to optimize a design for ultra-low energy consumption.

Network Analyzer: Improve Wireless Connections

Simplicity Studio Network Analyzer
Take advantage of a packet tracer and network analysis features including API tracing and a virtual UART in the Network Analyzer. Combine the Network Analyzer with the Energy Profiler to create systems with the most robust networks and the smallest batteries.

Simplicity IDE: Select the Ideal Tool-chain

Simplicity Studio IDE
Simplicity Studio includes a free GNU tool-chain based (gcc and gdb), Keil® (for 8-bit MCUs) and an eclipse IDE. Developers can also take advantage of integration with Keil µVision or IAR Embedded Workbench to quickly run examples and design their applications.


Configurator: Speed PCB Design

Simplicity Studio Configurator
Manage pin assignments and resolve pin conflicts automatically with the Simplicity Configurator, a graphical configuration utility for wireless MCUs, EFM32 32-bit MCUs and 8051 and EFM8 8-bit MCUs.


AppBuilder: The Simplest Way to Design Bluetooth®, Thread and ZigBee® Applications

Simplicity Studio AppBuilder
Use the graphical AppBuilder tool to deliver complete products ready for “ZigBee Certified Product” testing and designation. Simplify development with automatically generated ZigBee certifiable template applications.

Product Families Supporting Simplicity Studio
    • Blue Gecko
    • Flex Gecko
    • Mighty Gecko
    • EFM32 Gecko
    • EFM32 Giant Gecko
    • EFM32 Leopard Gecko
    • EFM32 Tiny Gecko
    • EFM32 Wonder Gecko
    • EFM32 Zero Gecko
    • EFM8 Busy Bee
    • EFM8 Laser Bee
    • EFM8 Sleepy Bee
    • EFM8 Universal Bee
  • C8051F30x
  • C8051F31x
  • C8051F32x/34x
  • C8051F33x
  • C8051F35x
  • C8051F36x
  • C8051F37x
  • C8051F38x
  • C8051F39x
  • C8051F41x
  • C8051F50x
  • C8051F51x
  • C8051F52x
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