Silicon Labs 8-Bit and 32-Bit University Programs

Silicon Labs offers educational materials for both 8-bit and 32-bit embedded programming. These learning programs provide comprehensive course and teaching materials, with development tools to support self-paced learning, structured coursework programs. We encourage qualified professors to apply for hardware donation to enhance the hands-on lab experience. This program encourages continuing learning for individuals and institutions alike.
32-bit Microcontroller Courses 

32-bit MCU Courses

The powerful 32-bit ARM core has taken the learning community to new levels. Expand you knowledge and build a solid embedded programming foundations with this comprehensive 32-bit embedded programming course.
8-bit Microcontroller University Program 

8-bit MCU Courses

The MCUniversity Program is a complete course on mixed-signal MCUs based on the popular 8051 core. Materials include lecture notes, development tools, tutorial questions, lab exercises and required solutions.


A full set of teaching materials are available comprising a comprehensive embedded programming course, or to enable student labs. Professors are encouraged to submit an application for equipment donations, which typically include a package of 10 development kits for hands-on student labs.