Current Sensors and Monitors

Silicon Labs' isolated AC, high-side DC current sensors and Isolated AC mains monitors provide current sensing solutions for a wide range of power applications. The Si85xx/Si890x family is ideal for a broad range of applications including ac-dc switching power supplies, isolated dc-dc supplies, UPS systems, motor control and electronic lighting ballasts.

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  • Si850x/1x

    Uni-directional isolated high-frequency ac current sensors


    Uni-directional, high-side current sense amplifier

Isolated AC Current Sensors

The Si850x/1x devices are uni-directional isolated high frequency ac current sensors available in 10 and 20 A versions. The current sensors provide a large output signal level of 2.0 V and operate over a bandwidth of 50 kHz to 1 MHz. These products offer size and performance advantages over current transformers, Hall effect devices, DCR circuits and other approaches. The Si850x/1x isolators are extremely low loss, adding less than 1.3 mΩ of series resistance and less than 2 nH of series inductance in the sensing path at 25 ºC. Current-sensing terminals are isolated from the other package pins to a maximum voltage of 1 KVDC.

High-Side DC Current Sensor

The Si8540 is a uni-directional, high-side current sense amplifier designed for use in applications that require current monitoring and control. This cost-effective high-side current sense amplifier operates with common mode voltages to 36 V (max). It operates over a frequency range of DC-20 KHz and can be configured to measure full-scale currents from 100 mA to 10 A.

Isolated ADC AC Mains Monitor

The Si890x series of isolated monitoring ADCs are useful as linear signal galvanic isolators, level shifters, and/or ground loop eliminators in many applications including power-delivery systems and solar inverters. These devices integrate a 10-bit SAR ADC subsystem, supervisory state machine and isolated UART (Si8900), I2C/SMbus port (Si8901), or SPI Port (Si8902) in a single package.

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