Win an Isolated ADC Reference Design


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Si890xPWR-EVB Isolated AC Mains Monitor Reference DesignThe Si890x reference design demonstrates 50/60 Hz ac line voltage and current measurements. This EVB is housed in a plastic case with recessed connectors to protect against user electrical shock. The Si890x isolated AC mains monitor accepts a 110 or 220 vac input, and supports load currents up to 25 A (max).
Key features for this evaluation board include:
  • EVB module measures ac line voltage (110 vac or 220 vac at 50/60 Hz) and ac line current (25 A max)
  • Populated with devices for all three serial port options: UART (Si8900), I2C (Si8901) and SPI (Si8902)
  • 5 kV galvanic isolation between mains side and low-voltage side
  • Digital or analog output available for evaluation
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