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Silicon Labs' CMOS digital isolator products enable lower cost, smaller size, higher performance, lower power, and more reliable isolated circuits than competing optocoupler solutions. The Si80xx, Si83xx, Si86xx, Si87xx, and Si88xx families of one to six-channel bi- and unidirectional digital isolators support isolation voltage ratings up to 5 kV. With a broad product portfolio, a proven track record of industry innovation and an unwavering commitment to engineering excellence — Silicon Labs isolation technology is ready to meet your isolation needs.
The Si88xx family of products are multi-channel digital isolators integrated with a dc-dc converter to self-power the secondary side and to provide power to other circuits on that side. The new Si8862x products have extended dc-dc converter capabilities compared to the Si8824x. The Si8862x products can be used with an external switch that extends the input voltage of the dc-dc converter from 5 V to 24 V and power from 2 W to 5 W with a conversion efficiency of an industry best of 83 %!
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Si838x PLC Input Isolators NEW

  • Isolated multi-channel input devices for PLC applications

Si86xxxT Digital Isolator

  • Multi-channel, high speed digital isolator with 10 kV surge protection

Si87xx Digital Isolator

  • Pin-compatible optocoupler replacements

Si88xx Digital Isolator

  • Four channel high speed digital isolator with integrated dc-dc converter

Si80xx Digital Isolator

  • 1 kV, 3-6 channels, unidirectional

Si86xx Digital Isolator

  • 2.5, 3.75 and 5 kV, 1–6 channels, uni- and bi-directional

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Bootstrap Calculator

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