Si1143/44 Heart Rate Monitoring Solution

The Si1143/44 solution combines a high precision optical sensor, an LED source, a proprietary algorithm, and a low power MCU to deliver the industry’s lowest power, dynamic heart rate monitoring (HRM) solution. Target markets include fitness bands, smart watches, and consumer health applications.

In addition to low power, the Si1143/44 solution provides performance that rivals the traditional chest strap. The Si1143/44 uses a single green LED, which allows it to be packaged in an exceptionally small package (2.9 mm x 4.9 mm).

This performance is delivered at a fraction of the cost of the best optical solutions in the market.



  • Exceptional Performance
  • High level of integration for ease of design
    • Integrates Si114x optical sensor, Green LED, optical blocking, lens and apertures, dynamic algorithm, and low power MCU
    • Small Package (2.9 mm x 4.9 mm)
  • Optional digital UV Index sensor
    • Determine real-time UV sun exposure and cumulative UV sun exposure
  • Long battery life
    • < 1mA average operating current (all HRM currents)
    • < 500nA standby current

Si1143/44 Product Matrix

Part Number Data Sheet Dev Kit Description UV Index LEDs Gesture/Motion Sensing Ambient Light Sensor Interface Package Type Package Size
HRM43-GGG-PS HRM focused module w Green LED, without algorithm No 1 Yes I2C LGA Module 2.9x4.9
HRM44-GGG-PS HRM focused module w Green LED, and algorithm No 1 Yes I2C LGA Module 2.9x4.9
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