TV and Video Solutions

Silicon Labs provides TV tuner and digital demodulator ICs optimized for hybrid analog/digital iDTVs, analog-only or digital-only TVs, portable TVs, DVD and Blu-ray recorders, and terrestrial, cable and satellite set-top boxes (STBs). The Silicon Labs’ patented low-IF tuner architecture has been enhanced through five generations to tackle the many real-world non-standard terrestrial and cable broadcasts. Like the popular 5th-generation Si21x7 TV tuner family that is in high volume production at 9 of the top 10 TV brands, the new 6th-generation Si2151 and Si2141 TV tuners deliver industry leading RF sensitivity and selectivity performance. Available in an industry-leading 3 mm x 3 mm QFN package, the Si2151 and Si2141 silicon TV tuner ICs also reduce cost with the smallest PCB footprint and the lowest number of external components. For maximum flexibility in matching TV tuners with various system architectures, the Si2151 and Si2141 are pin-pin compatible and share a single software API.
Silicon Labs offers a unique full portfolio of both single and dual DVB demodulators addressing the common combinations of terrestrial (DVB-T2/T), cable (DVB-C2/C) and satellite (DVB-S2/S) standards. Delivering the industry’s highest performance and margin to relevant DVB specifications, the single and dual demodulators share a common software API and are pin-compatible in compact 7 mm x 7 mm and 8 mm x 8 mm QFN packages, respectively.