Hardware and Software Features

    Reference Design Kit Contents:

  • CEL EM3588 USB ZigBee Adapter, pre-programmed with the ZigBee NCP (network co-processor)
  • Quick Start Guide

    Reference Design Kit Features:

  • Ubuntu Linux virtual machine
  • Wi-Fi Soft Access Point
  • AppBuilder Support
  • Supports ZigBee Commissioning
  • Control and Monitor
  • Rules Engine to create bindings between ZigBee end devices


  • Runs on any platform that supports the VirtualBox environment (Windows/OSX)
  • Provides the fastest method for demonstrating ZigBee to Wi-Fi gateway
  • Reduces complexity and development time with a high-level API framework
  • Supports standard ZigBee commissioning
  • View ZigBee cluster library (ZCL) communication from ZigBee end devices and send ZCL data to ZigBee end devices
  • Easily create bindings between ZigBee end devices from the web server
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