Quickly Add Bluetooth® Connectivity to Your Applications

From smart homes to wearables, Bluetooth functionality can be found virtually everywhere. Let us help introduce Bluetooth into your devices in a way that minimizes complexity and reduces time-to-market. We have the modules, software, and development tools to incorporate the connectivity you need to make the world a smarter, more connected place. 

How the IoT Helps Bees, Babies, and Buildings

Learn how Bluetooth is making construction safer, protecting bees, and helping infants.

Learn how to choose between a Module and an SoC

If you are trying to save money by using a wireless SoC, learn the hidden costs first. 

The Applications being Powered by Bluetooth

Learn how the Bluetooth is changing everything from fitness to home automation.

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Browse our Bluetooth solutions, inluding low energy Modules and SoCs

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Find Bluetooth low energy starter kits, wireless Stacks and mobile apps.

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