RF Synthesizers

The Si413x RF Synthesizers perform IF and dual-band, low-noise RF frequency synthesis for wireless personal communications applications.
The Si413x ICs address the price-sensitive, low-power, high-performance requirements for personal wireless communications by substantially reducing external passive component count, eliminating external VCOs and varactor diodes, improving power efficiency and isolating, in silicon, unwanted external interference. The stable, low-phase noise characteristics are achieved through a proprietary self-tuning architecture that does not require external adjustments or laser trimming for component-tolerance matching.


  • Dual RF and single IF frequency synthesizer
  • RF1 VCO range 900 to 1800 MHz
  • RF2 VCO range 750 to 1500 MHz
  • IF output range 62.5 to 1000 MHz
  • Dual synthesizer and single synthesizer derivatives available
  • Fully integrated VCOs
  • Programmable loop filters



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Si4133/33G-EVB User's Guide
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The Evolution of Wireless Sensor Networks
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Si41xx RF Synthesizer FAQ
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Product Matrix
Part NumberPackage TypeTemperature RangeDescription
Si4112-D-GMQFN28-40 to 85 °CIF OUT
Si4112-D-GTTSSOP24-40 to 85 °CIF OUT
Si4113-D-GMQFN28-40 to 85 °CRF1/RF2 OUT
Si4113-D-GTTSSOP24-40 to 85 °CRF1/RF2 OUT
Si4122-D-GMQFN28-40 to 85 °CRF2/IF OUT
Si4122-D-GTTSSOP24-40 to 85 °CRF2/IF OUT
Si4123-D-GMQFN28-40 to 85 °CRF1/IF OUT
Si4123-D-GTTSSOP24-40 to 85 °CRF1/IF OUT
Si4126-F-GMQFN28-40 to 85 °C2.3 GHz/IF OUT
Si4133-D-GMQFN28-40 to 85 °CRF1/RF2/IF OUT
Si4133-D-GTTSSOP24-40 to 85 °CRF1/RF2/IF OUT
Si4136-F-GMQFN28-40 to 85 °C2.5 GHz/2.3 GHz/IF OUT
Si4136-F-GTTSSOP24-40 to 85 °C2.5 GHz/2.3 GHz/IF OUT
The Si413x RF Synthesizers include three voltage-controlled oscillators, loop filters, reference and VCO dividers and phase detectors. Variables for dividers, phase detector gain settings and power-down settings are programmable through a three-wire serial interface (data, clock and enable) and a 22-bit internal shift register. The Si4133 comes standard in a low-profile, small-outline, 24-pin package (TSSOP) and 28-lead micro leadframe package (MLP).


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