Q: What is the Silicon Labs Corporate Governance policy?

A: The Silicon Labs corporate governance overview is found at the following location:

Q: What are Silicon Labs quality systems and operations?

A: Silicon Labs offers a wide variety of semiconductor products and peripheral items within many segments of the electronics, equipment, and automotive industries. The quality and operations overview helps answer questions customers may have regarding Silicon Labs’ operations.

Included in this quality and operations overview are the following topics:

  • Corporate Overview
  • Development Process
  • Qualification Process
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Supplier and Technology Selection Strategy
  • Quality Overview
  • Customer Support

Q: How do I contact Silicon Labs?

A: Silicon Labs can be contacted via telephone, email or postal mail

Q: Where is Silicon Labs located?

A: The Silicon Labs headquarters are in Austin, Texas (USA), with offices in Singapore.

Q: How do I get financial information for Silicon Labs?

A: Financial information, sales figures, quarterly results, and DUNS information for Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) is found on the investor relations section.

Q: What is the Silicon Labs social responsibility protocol (RBA (formerly EICC), ISO26000)?

A: Silicon Labs maintains a corporate environmental and social responsibility protocol that substantially complies with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA).


Q: How do I get the Silicon Labs ISO14001 Registration Certificate?

A: You can download the Silicon Labs ISO4001 certificate:

Q: What partner certifications has Silicon Labs been awarded?

A: Silicon Labs is proud to have been awarded several environmental partner certifications:

Q: How do I get environmental data for the Silicon Labs part numbers?

A: The environmental data part number search provides detailed device composition and test results for Silicon Labs part numbers. You can also download the following documents (if available) for each part number:

  • Detailed Device Composition (MDDS Data)
  • IPC 1752-1 (XML format)
  • RoHS Certificate of Compliance Halogen-Free Certificate of Compliance
  • PFOS Certificate of Compliance
  • REACH Declaration

Q: What is the Silicon Labs WEEE strategy?

A: Silicon Labs' products do not fall within the defined scope of the European Community’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment legislation. Silicon Labs is an environmentally conscious corporation, however, and will receive its waste products and recycle them or dispose of them in an environmentally safe manner. Credit will not be provided for product returned in this manner.

If you have products that you know are from Silicon Labs and you wish to return for recycling or disposal, please send an e-mail request to: Please provide the following information in your email:

Subject Line: WEEE Return

Part Number(s):

Quantity for each P/N:

Contact Name:

Contact Phone:

Q: Do Silicon Labs' products contain "Conflict Metals"?

A: Silicon Labs is committed to complying with Legislation regarding the reporting of the use of "Conflict Metals".

Q: Silicon Labs' compliance to California's Proposition 65

A: To the best of our current knowledge under normal usage, Silicon Labs' IC semiconductor and module products comply with California Proposition 65 (the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, 1986). Although some of our products contain Proposition 65 substances, there is no exposure route, such as contact with skin, food/drink, or inhalation. Silicon Labs' IC semiconductor and module products contain No Significant Risk Levels (NSRLs) for cancer-causing chemicals and are below the Maximum Allowable Dose Levels (MADLs) for chemicals causing reproductive toxicity. Therefore, a warning label that our product(s) contains compounds that may cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm is not required.


Q: How do I return product or send product for failure analysis?

A: Please contact your Customer Service Representative for Returned Material Authorizations (RMA). Product sent without a valid RMA will not be credited or analyzed.

Q: What are the standard response times for failure analysis?

A: Following are the standard failure analysis (FA) and 8D response times:

  • Initial Failure Analysis: 2 work days from suspect product receipt
  • 8D Containment: 2 work days from customer notification or proof of failure (after initial FA)
  • 8D Root Cause and Corrective Action Plan: 10 work days from customer notification or root cause discovery (after final FA)

Silicon Labs Failure Analysis Lab Equipment Capabilities

Silicon Labs has extensive internal device analysis capabilities. The facility is 1580 square feet, and includes the following equipment:

Imaging Equipment

  • 2 High Power Optical Microscopes (1 with confocal capability)
  • 2 Low Power Stereo Zoom Microscopes
  • Image capturing hardware and software for above
  • Focused Ion Beam –Vectra986 0.65nM, Cu, backside capability
  • Jeol 5600 SEM (70 KX max)
  • Jeol 7600 FE-SEM (750 KX max) with EDAX EDS System
  • Real-Time X-ray
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscope (C-SAM)


  • Reactive Ion Etcher
  • Ion Wave 10 Plasma Etcher
  • Wet Lab with Chemicals, 1 exhausted Chemical Hood, etc.
  • 2 Polishing/Cross-section Stations and ASAP backside milling machine


  • Two u-Probe Stations with HP Semiconductor Curve Tracers and miscellaneous bench equipment
  • QFI Scanning Optical Laser (1064nM & 1340nM)
  • QFI Photo Emission Si-CCD (500nm –1000nm)
  • Multiprobe AFM Nanoprober

ESD Characterization and Qualification

  • Barth Transmission Line Pulse Tester
  • MK2 ESD and LatchupTester
  • Orion CDM Tester
  • HPPI VF-TLP Tester

Q: How do I get the Silicon Labs ISO registration certificates?

A: Silicon Labs ISO registration certificates can be downloaded in PDF format:


Q: What is the Silicon Labs supplier management policy?

A: For information on the Silicon Labs product supplier chain, please contact your Customer Service Representative.

Q: How do I get import/export information?

A: For import/export information, please contact your Customer Service Representative.

Q: How do I get information on ordering, packing & logistics?

A: For information on product packing and logistics, please contact your Customer Service Representative.


Q: What is the Silicon Labs product qualification testing process?

A: Silicon Labs follows JEDEC industry standards for product qualification testing. For product specific results, please contact your Customer Service Representative.

Q: How do I find product definition information?

A: Product information, data sheets, errata, application notes, selected part change notifications (PCNs) and user guides can be found in the document library:

Q: Where can I find the Silicon Labs product reporting (Q&R Report)?

A: Silicon Labs provides a quarterly report for product reliability. The latest report is available for download:

Q: Do Silicon Labs' products contain "Conflict Metals"?

A: Silicon Labs is committed to complying with Legislation regarding the reporting of the use of "Conflict Metals".

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