Lights On, Volume Up with Sengled


Customer's Needs

  • Reliable Connectivity
  • Small Size
  • Design Flexibility


  • Product performance and protocol compatibility
  • World-class Technical support
  • World's First


With the growing IoT and home automation market, Sengled became determined to transform traditional light fixtures. In addition to achieving an aesthetic design, Sengled had to problem solve to cool the LEDs, manage high-speed hardware, meet reliability and performance standards in a way that would not increase the size of traditional lighting products.


Sengled developed Pulse, the world’s first multi-channel speaker system built into a light bulb that can be operated via a mobile device. Pulse is driven by Silicon Labs' zigbee solutions, which was carefully chosen for its performance, stability, and compatibility, as well as the company's technical and business support.

Sengled has been dedicated to making daily life healthy, happy, and convenient through lighting products designed for simplicity and style.
Charles Sun, VP of R&D at Sengled


Sengled is focused on integrating IoT solutions into lighting and security. With zigbee, Sengled can advance their products through seamless connectivity, high-tech functionality, and small compact design.

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