Si461x Digital Radio Coprocessors

Si461x digital radio coprocessors provide significant advances in size, power consumption and performance to enable DAB and HD Radio reception in automotive infotainment systems and high-end audio/video receivers and pro-audio systems.

Designed to work with high-performance automotive tuner families delivering CD-quality sound and advanced data services over AM/FM broadcast channels, these devices specify a low minimal bill of materials, notably eliminating an external RAM memory module for channel decoding that is typically required in third-party Radio coprocessors. Si461x coprocessors support the iBiquity and NRSC-5 standards for FM In-Band-On-Channel (IBOC), AM IBOC digital radio broadcasting, Station Information Service (SIS), Service Information Guide (SIG), Program Service Data (PSD), IBOC multicasting and HD Radio digital audio. The low power and high performance Si461x devices provide channel demodulation and source decoding of DAB/DAB+ signals delivering audio and data. An integrated clock oscillator is provided and/or reference clocks are accepted by the devices, which supports a selectable control interface (SPI or I2C).

External RAM required:
Package as small as:
7x7 mm

Si461x Common Specs

  • DAB/DAB+ coprocessor (Si4614)
    • Transmission Modes I, II, III, IV detection and decoding
    • DAB/DAB+ audio decoder
    • PAD/XPAD outputs available
    • FIC decoder
    • Full support for data services
  • AM/FM HD Radio coprocessor (Si4617)
    • Complete on-chip HDC audio source decoder
    • FM HD1, HD2, HD3 multicast support
    • Station Information Service (SIS) support
    • Program Service Data (PSD)
    • Advanced Application Services (AAS) Payload for data applications
  • No external RAM required for channel decoding
  • Flash memory interface for application program load
  • On-chip crystal oscillator
  • Reference clock input
  • SPI, I2C control interfaces
  • 7x7 mm 48-pin QFN package
  • Pb-free/RoHS compliant
  • AEC-Q100 qualified
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