The Announcements board is for community updates, member recognition programs, and community guidelines.

Here's the list of the community issues fixed on Jan 30th. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

  • Add a guideline to forum entries for how to follow a forum thread 

  • The email subject for Knowledge Base articles starts with ‘Article’ instead of ‘Blog Article’ to avoid confusion.
  • The email subject for ‘Marked as Answered’ starts with ‘Answered’ instead of ‘Answer’ and the user ID of the member who marked a reply as answered is added to the email.
  • Using the consistent email notification template across different notifications.
  • Notification email link goes to a specific page instead of a board.
  • Removed the ‘Zentri Cloud’ link from the community navigation bar
  • server error due to a % in the forum title – fixed.
  • Empty community pages should not be crawled by search engines – fixed.
  • A member can’t paste code into the community rich text editor due to permission issues – fixed.

In addition, our user servers were updated to fix the issues with intermittent web notifications. This fix may have caused some users to lose their notification preferences. If you have any notification issues, please check your Notification settings and any boards/threads you have followed and reset them if necessary. From that point forward, all notifications and subscriptions should work consistently. 

  • Knowledge Base Articles