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We are pleased to introduce Pathfinder, a program designed to recognize community participants and experts for voluntarily sharing their knowledge to make the Silicon Labs Community a valuable resource. If you are interested in participating in the Pathfinder program or know someone who might be, please fill out our online nomination form


Who are Pathfinders?

We are looking for community members who:

  • Have achieved a certain level of knowledge about Silicon Labs products (i.e. Participates in forums, answering questions, and sharing expertise.)
  • Have a passion for sharing their knowledge with other community members
  • Abide by Silicon Labs’ Community Guidelines and Terms of Use, as well as encourages other members to follow those rules. 


Pathfinder Nomination Process  

  • Silicon Labs community members can nominate themselves or other members through an online application form.
  • Nominees will be reviewed by a diverse team of internal stakeholders based on recommendations, product expertise, regional/solution needs, and diversity.
  • Nominees will be invited to participate as a Pathfinder for 12 months. 
  • Pathfinder status is granted without the need for annual re-enrollment, as long as Pathfinders have recurring engagement.
  • Pathfinders participate on a voluntary basis and can opt out of the Pathfinder program at any time. 
  • Pathfinder status is granted by Silicon Labs and can be withdrawn at the sole discretion of the company at any time.
  • Pathfinders should adhere to Silicon Labs Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.
  • Pathfinders do not formally represent Silicon Labs nor do they speak on behalf of Silicon Labs.


Pathfinder Program Benefits

  • Access to Silicon Labs’ new products/SW releases
  • Connection to Silicon Labs engineering and marketing groups
  • Welcome gift package    
  • Certificates of the membership 
  • Online badge for Pathfinders  
  • Invitations to Silicon Labs' or our partners' events 
  • Certificates upon completion of the full-year Pathfinder membership signed by our CEO 
  • Excellence Award granted by Silicon Labs upon completion of three-year  Pathfinder membership
  • Featured on Silicon Labs social media channels and community 
  • Invitations to publish guest posts on the official blog of Silicon Labs 
  • Holiday gifts from Silicon Labs


As we launch and develop this initiative, we appreciate and welcome your feedback. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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