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What’s happening?

We will upgrade our community site on June 11th, 2019 to release bug fixes and performance improvements. As part of the upgrade, we will migrate our community badge images to a new location. During the maintenance, you may see some odd behaviors. 


What are the odd behaviors?

Profile page:

You may see the most recent earned badge under your user name twice during the migration process. In addition, badges listed under the ‘Badges’ tab may not be displayed during the migration process.

Forum and KB page:

Earned badges may not be displayed during the badge migration process. You may see a few “Unknown” posts during the migration window. 


Expected Maintenance Time:

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019, ~11:00 AM CT. The migration may take 2-6 hours.


What action do I need to take:

Community members don’t need to take any action. Badging and the "Unknown" posts should appear normal after the migration is complete.


Please contact us at if you have any issues during the maintenance window.


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