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      • December 2018 Community Release Notes

        Nari Shin | 12/346/2018 | 09:30 AM

        Default Sort-By Option Change 

        The default sort option has changed from ‘Newest’ to ‘Last Updated’ based on user feedback. 

        • Newest: A forum page is sorted by posting date of questions. New questions are posted at the top of the forum page regardless of posting date of replies. 
        • Last Updated: A forum page is sorted by posting date of questions and replies. New questions and old questions with new replies will be posted at the top of the forum page. 

        By changing the default option, community contributors can easily notice new replies to questions and follow up with original posters quickly. The thread remains unaffected and does not move to the top when: 

        • Existing question is edited(either content being added or a new attachment)
        • Existing question is either Featured or Pinned
        • A new Tag is added
        • Existing Comment is deleted
        • Existing comment is voted up


        New Z-Wave Community Space 

        A new Z-Wave forum and knowledge base boards have been launched to support Z-Wave customers through the Silicon Labs Community.