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      • Win a Low Cost 8-bit MCU Starter Kit!

        Anna Qi | 10/291/2019 | 03:28 PM

        We invite Silicon Labs Community members to participate in this exciting contest where you can win an EFM8 Busy Bee Starter Kit! The EFM8BB1 Low Cost Kit is an easier to use yet powerful development starting point. With full support in Simplicity Studio, code examples, and a free unlimited Keil license, you can get to prototyping your design quickly. The contest consists of 5 questions related to the EFM8 Busy Bee and 10 winners will receive a kit for free.  



        Number of Winners: 10  

        Prize: 1 x EFM8BB1LCK 


        How to Participate:  

        • Contest Period: Oct 18, 2019 - Nov 5, 2019 CDT  

        • Answer the 5 questions below and send an email to with your answers no later than Nov 5, 2019. You will receive a confirmation that you entered the contest.  

        • Winners will be announced on Nov 18, 2019 CDT

          • We highly encourage winners to post a quick demo inside the Silicon Labs Community or personal social media channels on how they are using their new EFM8 Busy Bee Starter Kit!  



        If there are more than 10 contestants who answer all the correct answers, we will decide the final 10 winners based on their open-ended question (Q5). Silicon Labs’ staff will evaluate the answers based on relevance and usefulness. The bonus point question is not required but will provide an extra point to your overall score.  


        Contest Questions:  

        Tip: Use the EFM9BB1LCK Kit Page and User Guide  


        Q1 : What key features does the EFM8BB1 have?

        1. On-board USB debugger
        2. 512 bytes RAM
        3. 20-pin expansion header
        4. Both 1 and 3
        5. All of the above


        Q2: The ________________ software packages contains all the tools, drivers, software examples and documentation needed to use the EFM8BB1 Low Cost Kit.

        1. VCP Drivers
        2. Clockbuilder Pro
        3. Simplicity Studio
        4. Bluetooth SDK
        5. Bluegiga Wi-Fi


        Q3: What does the kit hardware layout not contain?

        1. MCU Reset Button
        2. Hall Effect Sensor
        3. Programmable LED
        4. Debugger C2 Interface Pins
        5. 2.54 mm breakout pads


        Q4: What expansion boards are compatible with the Busy Bee kit?

        1. WGM110 Wi-Fi Expansion Kit
        2. LTE-M Expansion Kit
        3. ISOLATED-RS-EK
        4. Both 1 and 3
        5. All of the above


        Q5: Give a specific example of an application that you can build with the Busy Bee and explain why. 


        Bonus: We’re excited to hear how you will use your EFM8 Busy Bee Starter Kit! You will earn an extra bonus point if you post your answer to Q5 on Facebook or Twitter. Posts must be public - tag @siliconlabs and use #EFM8BusyBee to enter.   


        By entering the contest you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Community Contest Terms and Conditions. Please review them before entering the contest.