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      • New Pathfinder – Tech-Priest

        Nari Shin | 09/253/2019 | 12:29 PM


        Earlier this year, we announced new Pathfinders for 2019. Today, we are adding one more member, Tech-Priest, to the Pathfinder list. Congratulations!

        Tech-Priest is from Finland and interested in BLE, Bluetooth Mesh, and 32-bit and 8-bit MCUs. He joined the Pathfinder program to get access to resources and help members find solutions through forum discussions.

        If you want to nominate a new Pathfinder or learn about the Pathfinder program, please check out this page.  

      • June 2019 Community Release Notes

        Nari Shin | 06/162/2019 | 03:02 PM

        Here's the list of the community issues fixed on June 12th. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

        • A community email template is added for Close/Reopen notifications

        e.g.) The article "xxxx" was closed by xxxx on Thu, 14 Feb 2019 03:11:29 EST.

        • A community email template is updated for Voting notifications

        e.g.) This vote was added to “xxx” by xxx on Thu, 14 Feb 2019 03:11:29 EST.

        • Pagination experience: members see the thread from the bottom, not from the top
        • Notification dropdown shows Activities too

        What is the difference between Activities, Notifications, and Email Subscriptions? 

        Activities: You will see updates for a thread or a board that you are following on your profile page.

        Notifications: You will see updates for a thread or a board that you are following on the notification page.

        Email Subscriptions: You will receive updates from a thread or a board that you are following directly to your email.

        • Editor object keyboard accelerators do not work as expected - Fixed 

        e.g.) You can use shortcut keys like Cmd+I or Ctrl+I in the community RTE.

        • Numbered list properties work as expected. You need to use ‘Numbered list properties” and enter the next value.

        e.g.) 1.2. enter 3. (Before: 1.2. enter 1.)

        • Copying and Pasting images work from Word to the community RTE
        • Filter out bad URL terms to help reduce spam content on the community
        • Activities show all the activities on the profile page at (Before: Only the 10 latest activities were displayed.)
        • I see my activities on other users' profile pages. – Fixed.
        • Add a new badge for Pathfinders


      • Scheduled Maintenance, June 11th 2019

        Nari Shin | 05/148/2019 | 11:45 AM

        What’s happening?

        We will upgrade our community site on June 11th, 2019 to release bug fixes and performance improvements. As part of the upgrade, we will migrate our community badge images to a new location. During the maintenance, you may see some odd behaviors. 


        What are the odd behaviors?

        Profile page:

        You may see the most recent earned badge under your user name twice during the migration process. In addition, badges listed under the ‘Badges’ tab may not be displayed during the migration process.

        Forum and KB page:

        Earned badges may not be displayed during the badge migration process. You may see a few “Unknown” posts during the migration window. 


        Expected Maintenance Time:

        Tuesday, June 11th, 2019, ~11:00 AM CT. The migration may take 2-6 hours.


        What action do I need to take:

        Community members don’t need to take any action. Badging and the "Unknown" posts should appear normal after the migration is complete.


        Please contact us at if you have any issues during the maintenance window.


      • Read-Only Mode due to Maintenance

        Nari Shin | 01/18/2019 | 02:40 PM

        The Silicon Labs Community will be migrating storage resource provider infrastructure and data to a new data center. It will cause some read-only time on the community during the migration. As a community member, you will be able to read content but your write operations will be disabled during the maintenance window.

        • Expected Read-Only time: Between 26th Jan, 2019 11:30 PM PDT and 27th Jan 03:30 AM PDT
        • What action do I need to take: Ensure that any entry is completed and saved by 26th Jan, 2019 11:30 PM PDT

        Please contact if you have any issue after the maintenance.


      • December 2018 Community Release Notes

        Nari Shin | 12/346/2018 | 09:30 AM

        Default Sort-By Option Change 

        The default sort option has changed from ‘Newest’ to ‘Last Updated’ based on user feedback. 

        • Newest: A forum page is sorted by posting date of questions. New questions are posted at the top of the forum page regardless of posting date of replies. 
        • Last Updated: A forum page is sorted by posting date of questions and replies. New questions and old questions with new replies will be posted at the top of the forum page. 

        By changing the default option, community contributors can easily notice new replies to questions and follow up with original posters quickly. The thread remains unaffected and does not move to the top when: 

        • Existing question is edited(either content being added or a new attachment)
        • Existing question is either Featured or Pinned
        • A new Tag is added
        • Existing Comment is deleted
        • Existing comment is voted up


        New Z-Wave Community Space 

        A new Z-Wave forum and knowledge base boards have been launched to support Z-Wave customers through the Silicon Labs Community.