Silicon Labs Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Red Planet, Silicon Labs’ online community, where customers, employees, partners, and other users can exchange ideas and learn about our products. We encourage you to engage and interact, and we’re committed to making this forum a positive and useful environment to serve your needs.

Community Rules

We ask that participants abide by a basic set of rules when interacting with the community. This document, the “Silicon Labs Community Guidelines”, is meant to be a plain-language version of those community-wide rules. Please see the comprehensive TERMS OF USE for more details. We very much want this to be a safe and effective platform for all participants, so we hope you’ll find these rules helpful in guiding your interactions during your explorations.

1. Please be respectful. Do not post offensive, insulting, harassing, injurious, obscene, profane, pornographic, inflammatory, derogatory, or otherwise objectionable materials or comments.

2. Please be patient with others. Be patient with new members or those that may not have as much experience. We were all newbies once.

3. Please keep questions relevant.  We suggest searching for the answer to your question before posting. If the search does not return helpful information, then we welcome your question.  Please post your question to the board that best fits your topic area, and only post your question once.  Our moderators have the option to move your post if it’s a better fit on another board. 

4. Stay on topic. If you have a new topic, we suggest starting a new thread rather than interrupting an ongoing conversation. Please note that moderators may close inactive threads that are marked as answered and no response for longer than 30 days. 

5. Use Upvotes. Don’t be shy about voting for comments that you find useful. It’s a great way of participating in the community, and it greatly helps those generating content know what’s working.

6. Mark as Answer. If you ask a question, then we strongly encourage you to identify the answer that best addresses your question as an “Answer”. Marking a reply as an answer helps our community identify content that solves user’s problems and makes interesting material more prominent and easy to access.

7. Please keep things legal.  Do not post anything that would violate any contractual or legal requirements. This includes everything from NDA covered materials to anything that might violate local or international laws. Please bring any suspected violations to the moderators’ attention using the “Flag" feature.  Note that by posting to this public site, you are agreeing that the material becomes the property of Silicon Labs.

8. Protect privacy. Please protect your privacy and that of others.

9. Be careful. Please be careful with the information you find here. You will find happily offered user-generated content on this site, but your situation or specific configuration may be different. You will also find plenty of good advice, but you should always carefully test any solution offered on this site. The moderators are here to help, but remember the moderator’s primary role is to facilitate the conversation.

10. No spam allowed. Material posted here must be relevant and helpful to the overall purpose of this site. You may include some types of off-site links (pointing to your blog, for example) in your signature field, but any form of solicitation or off-topic promotion is not allowed. 

* Note that we have daily posting limit to prevent spam. If you happen to hit the limit, you may not be able to create a post for a few hours. If you need immediate assistance, please contact 


Your posts will appear automatically, but we may edit, delete, or modify any content that we deem to violate the rules for this community. Our moderators take a very broad definition of unacceptable material, comments or behaviors, and they may take action that ranges from removing the offending material to disabling your account.

Silicon Labs Employees

All Silicon Labs employees are expected to identify themselves as such. Our employees will not ask you to share private information and no Silicon Labs employee will ever ask you for your login/passwords, financial data, or any other private information. As always, please be ever mindful about protecting your personal information.

We Welcome Your Feedback

We want this to be the best community it can be and we encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas. We maintain a feedback board for this very purpose. We know you have some great ideas, so let’s hear them! Please share them on the General Interest board

Getting Started

If you want to get started, registering is a great place to begin. You can only post a question if you’re logged in. All registered users get to vote for the best content and the best authors using Kudos and Accepted Answer designations, but you need to be logged in. For helpful hints, you might take a look at the Guidelines and Help items on the General Interest Board. You can find great information about getting started there. No matter what, you can always search for answers on the main community page. It’s a great way find just what you need.

Welcome to the Red Planet. Happy Exploring!

We reserve the right to modify the TERMS OF USE or the “Silicon Labs Community Guidelines” at any time.