Q: How can I subscribe to a topic or board?

A: If you are interested in a specific topic thread or an entire board, you can use the ‘Follow’ drop-down menu to subscribe to either web or email notifications.


Subscribe to a topic thread:

  • Log into the community
  • Go to the topic you are interested in.
  • Click the ‘Follow’ option and choose either Web Notifications or Email Subscriptions.
  • Click ‘Unfollow All’ if you don’t want to subscribe to the thread.


Subscribe to a board:

  • Log into the community
  • Go to the board you are interested in.
  • Click the ‘Follow’ option and choose either Web Notifications or Email Subscriptions.
  • Click ‘Unfollow All’ if you don’t want to subscribe to the board.


How to unsubscribe from a topic or board:

  • You need to choose the ‘Unfollow All’ option on the thread or board page that you are subscribing to. (examples)

Q: How do I update my profile?

A: Please follow the steps below

  • Log into the community
  • Find the Community Profile option under the ‘Welcome’ drop-down menu, or go directly to www.silabs.com/community/profile
  • Click 'Edit Profile' and make an update to your profile
  • Click "Save Changes"

  • If possible, please use your company email address in the community, so that our support team has a better understanding of your business and request.

Q: How do I search in the community?

A: You can search community content and Silicon Labs document resources by using the content type filter as below.

Search results will be prioritized based on where you search in the community.

We continue to add more search filters to meet your various needs.

Q: How do I ask a question in the community?

A: Follow the instructions below to post a question

  • Log into the community
  • Choose a product category and then its forum page
  • Click ‘Ask a New Question’
  • Enter your topic subject and body text
  • Add relevant tags*
  • Click ‘Ask’

*Note: You can select multiple tags across Silicon Labs product families. The post will be published in one space but it will be available for search results in multiple spaces.

e.g.) You can create a post in the 32-bit MCU forum board and add ’32-bit MCUs’ and ‘Simplicity Studio’ tags. The post will be available for search results in both the 32-bit MCU and Simplicity Studio spaces.

Q: How do I use @mentions?

A: The @mention feature that allows you to notify another community member is currently not available in the community.

We plan to enable this feature in 2019 and keep you updated on the status. 

Q: How do I translate content in the community?

A: We are using Microsoft machine translation to allow international members to contribute in the community.

The Translate option will appear based on user’s browser language preference.

e.g.) English  as my default language -> Translate any other language to English  

Once you click ‘Translate’, you will see that the translation is provided by Microsoft and further options like ‘Show Original’ and ‘Edit Translation’ that users can contribute improving the translation. 

Q: How do I mark a reply as an answer?

A: Moderators or original posters in a forum thread can mark one of the replies as an answer. 

Once you mark a reply as an answer, the answer icon appears at the thread and forum page level. 

Marking a reply as an answer helps our community identify content that solves user’s problems and makes interesting material more prominent and easy to access.

Users whose answers are marked as an answer will earn 5 points per solution and will have a better chance to achieve a higher rank. 

Please note that the answer can be revoked when a user finds another reply as a valid answer or there is a user who tries to manipulate the system. Moderators and administrators also may take further action – issue a warning, ban user account(s), lower post count, delete/edit posts(s) etc. 

Q: How do I use votes?

A: We encourage our members to use votes to indicate that content is helpful, creative, or generally valuable.

This is also a good way to recognize an author who provides good content. Please note that we allow only upvotes in our community (and no downvote) to keep the community a friendly environment.

How to give a vote:

You can click on the upvote icon to a post that you think helpful. The icon color will be changed to green and the vote number will be updated accordingly. Community members can vote a post only once and they cannot vote to their own content.

How to revoke the vote:

To revoke your vote, click on the green upvote icon one more time. It will turn into black and the number of votes will be decreased accordingly. Users who received will earn points which will help them get a higher rank in the community. 

Q: How do I report problems with the community site?

A: If you are running into problems on the community, please report your issue on the General Interest board to share it with the community team.

If you experience any critical website issue (can’t log in, access or create a post), please contact community@silabs.com for immediate attention.

Q: How do I update my email address?

A: If you want to change your email address associated with your community account, please send an email to community.admin@silabs.com.

Please specify your community user name in the email.

Q: How do I report an inappropriate post?

A: You can flag inappropriate or abusive content on the community.

  • Go to the post that you find inappropriate. 
  • Click ‘Flag’ under the post.
  • Choose a reason for flagging.  

  • Click ‘Flag’ 
  • The ‘Unflag’ option will appear in case you accidently flagged the content.

Our moderators will review flagged content on a daily basis and may hide or delete it based on our community guidelines.

Q: How do I use Expert’s Corner?

A: See full guidelines on the expert’s corner here.

Announcements: The Announcements board is for community updates, member recognition programs, and community guidelines.

Projects: This is a place for sharing cool projects you’re working on or have already completed with the community. There are no restrictions on what to share as long as it includes Silicon Labs’ components.

Blog: Subscribe to our blog to get the latest news and updates from Silicon Labs.

General Interest Board: Can’t find a forum area that fits your topic? Do you have feedback for the community team? Use this General Interest board to discuss any topic that doesn’t belong to existing forum areas.