Project, Announcements, and General Interest Board Guidelines

Project Board Guidelines

This is a place for sharing cool projects you’re working on or have already completed with the community. There are no restrictions on what to share as long as it includes Silicon Labs’ components.

Not sure where to start? You may start with filling out this template.

  • Project background and motivation (why it matters to you and others)
  • Description of the project (step-by-step guide on how things were done, even better if you Include images and videos)
  • Accomplishments, recognition, or other positive feedback the project received
  • Lessons learned, unexpected challenges, or particularly useful tips or tricks
  • Materials used (HW/SW materials)
  • Source files (Add source code or schematics as a zip file attachment or through URL)

New projects will be featured on Silicon Labs’ social media channels and newsletters on a regular basis.

Announcements Board Guidelines

The Community team will share the latest community releases, new features, and policy changes through the Announcements board.

General Interest Board Guidelines

Can’t find a forum area that fits your topic? Do you have feedback for the community team? Use this General Interest board to discuss any topic that doesn’t belong to existing forum areas.

Example include but are not limited to:

  • General electronics topics
  • Feedback on the community or website
  • Events, seminar, exhibitions
  • Jobs
  • Introduction space for new community members
  • Survey or general questions to the community

There are no restrictions on what topic you share but please make sure to check existing community areas first, and of course follow our Community Guidelines to keep the community a friendly, productive environment for all members.