I'm currently working on a Si4684 and I try to retrieve the content of a SLS.

Here is the configuration of my sample multiplex, which is working on DAB Player on Windows (which shows SLS and DLS+) and on a several other receivers :

Ensemble 0xFFB2, Label: 'Local Test', ShortLabel: 'LocalTst', LTO: +60 min, ECC: 0xE1, NumServices: 1
    Audio-Service 0xFFC7, Label: 'Fabrik' Test', ShortLabel: 'Fabrik'T', PTY: Pop Music (static), AnnouncementSupport: No, NumComponents: 1 (Audio: 1, Data: 0)
        AudioComponent, SCIdS: 0, Label: 'Fabrik' Test', ShortLabel: 'Fabrik'', ASCTy: 0x3F (AAC), SubChId: 1, StartCU: 0, NumCU: 144, ErrorProt: EEP 1-A (FEC: 1/4), Datarate: 96 kbit/s, NumUserApps: 1
            User App 1 / 1, Label: '', ShortLabel: '', DSCTy: 0x3C (MOT), X-PAD type: 12, UaType: 0x2 (Slideshow), DataLen: 2 [0C3C]

I can't get slideshow data via the  GET_DIGITAL_SERVICE_DATA registry. When I call this registry, while the service is playing: i got audio, and it only returns DLS and DLS+ tags informations. No trace of SLS.

When i call DAB_GET_COMPONENT_INFO, i can see that there is 1 UserApp of type 0x2 (so MOT SLS) and its data is 0C3C. So the SLS is well flagged.

Before that, I took care to activate MOT SLS and DLS reception via the DAB_XPAD_ENABLE registry.

How to enable extraction of SLS via the GET_DIGITAL_SERVICE_DATA registry ?

FYI, i got the DAB FW 5.0.9.



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