is there a simple (or recommended) method to stop the DAB receiver chain for the

SI4685 chip when a DAB TUNE FREQUENCY command has been sent (and has been

accepted and is currently active) to reduce RF-Noise in a conventional FM-Receiver

Unit equipped with a DAB upgrade board (to keep interference with the original RF-Input

circuitry as low as possible) ?

 E.g. Is it possible to just send another DAB TUNE FREQUENCY command with e.g.

an invalid DAB RF-Frequency to stop the receiver chain ?

We are just redesigning an already operational Add-On DAB-Board for old Tube-

Radios for 'modern' Type FM-Receivers (where the RF-noise from the DAB Board

disturbs the FM RF-Input when DAB receiving is active but not currently in use. For

reasons of fast change from external FM-Mode to Add-ON DAB we obviously do not want

to completely power down the DAB-Chip).


Yours sincerely.

Gerhard Oed

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