I am looking for the (preferably latest) version of the si4688 firmware. I've seen people mentioning v5.0.7. There are some links on the forum but they are expired.


Can anyone help me? I couldn't find any other source.


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  • Hello,


    Are you interested in both HD-Radio and DAB/DAB+?


    If you are only interested in DAB please use Si4684 instead of Si4688.


    HD-Radio requires a license so we cannot release the firmware until we get confirmation that you are working with DTS/iBiquity. Can you kindly let me know?




  • Dear Abhijit,


    Thank you for your reply!


    I currently have a PCBA with the Si4688 on it and I can successfully activate the bootloader. The Si4688 was the only version that could be shipped in low quantity from Arrow USA.

    I am mainly interested in the DAB/DAB+ and FM support. HD radio is not supported in my area (Netherlands).


    Is there a firmware binary with DAB/DAB+ and FM support? Or a binary with HD Radio support disabled?


    Thanks a lot! Much appreciated Robot Happy


    Best Regards,


  • Hi Johan,


    Can you kindly provide your email address?




  • Hi Abhijit,


    I am using the Si4684 and Si4685 and I am targeting the European market, so HD is not required (only FM, AM and DAB+).

    Can you please also provide me the current firmware and documentation package?


    Best regards,


  • When you require someones personal email address, it´s better to send a private message through the forum instead of asking for it in the public forum. Any bot would pick it up from the forum and start sending you spam.

  • To notify anyone reading here, I did actually send a private message, patiently waiting for a response Smiley Happy

  • Did you receive a reply? I am very much interested my self. 

  • Hello Abhijit,

      Can you send me also latest firmware package? I'm using Si4688 (Mouser had only this model on stock when I was making order). I'm from Croatia and interested only for FM & DAB.


    Thanks and kind regards,


  • To inform anyone reading here: I haven't yet got a reply from a Silicon Labs representative. Still waiting patiently. My project is on hold for now...