I have been working on my SI468x project for a few years now and while I am an amateur I believe I have finally gotten close to getting the board to boot. I have been unable to get the miniboot patch to work so that I can flashload the full patch however the full boot patch is small enough to send over its not that much of a problem. I am currently communicating with the chip using python using a serial driver to a ft232h which then communicates with the si4689 over i2c at 400khz. I have a flash chip with some programming headers but otherwise connected only to the si4689 chip. I have confirmed communication with the chip using logic analyzers.


My current problem is that on first power up (~ 1ms after stable power) I check status and get

0: 10101010
1: 1011011
2: 1111011
3: 1111011

I issue the powerup command with appropriate values and get back

0: 10000000
1: 1111111
2: 11111111
3: 11111111

I am slightly worried about status1-status3 being nothing but 1's

I issue LoadInit and get

0: 10000011
1: 00000000
2: 00000000
3: 10111100

Which appears to be cleaning up

Finally I send  the full boot patch as a hostload and get back

0: 10000000
1: 00000000
2: 00000000
3: 10000000

This gives me hope as it looks completely clean and I can see the powerup state is set to boot and I have a CTS and no err bit.

I issue another LoadInit

0: 10000000
1: 00000000
2: 00000000
3: 10000000

Still clean Then no matter if I do a flashload or a hostload of the firmware and then a final boot command I get back nothing but zeros for status request and no response for any other commands sent. Have I somehow blown the chip or am I sending something wrong perhaps ?

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  • Did you verify your circuit design is electrically correct (according to Silicon Labs recommendation in Application notes)?

    Also, did you verify all supply voltages to Si4689 chip?


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