Hi!, I have a setup with a PIC24FV16KM202 and a Si4703 in I2C mode. 

If I touch any of the pin's at the Si4703 breakout board the music stop's and the frequency is changed to 87,5MHz??

In my search I have soldered 1uF at the +3.3v and gnd, and I still have the issue.


Thank you for your time. 

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  • Hi Elmek,


    The host MCU may be reset when you touch the wire. 
    Can you check the voltage of the power supply when you touch the wire?

  • Hello,


    Please have a try of the circuit in attached file. The RC circuit(resistor and cap) need to be placed very close to the pin5 of the tuner.




    Mingliang Yang

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  • Hello, thank you for the answer.
    That works, now there is no problem when touching Any of the pins.
    Regards Michael Hinsch Nedergaard