Thanks in advance, I need some help!

First, I've read the programming and antenna/PCB layout guides completely.  Several times.  There just isn't a whole lot of detail about the layout/design for a loop antenna.  I have a 24AWG wire wire loop attached to TX and TXGND.  Can anyone confirm that the antenna is supposed to connect back to ground?  It is about 22cm long and I will have it placed in a rectangular shape about 1in x 3.5in.  It is naturally going to be perpendicular to the plane of my PCB board.  Also, it seems that the inductance ~200nH is in the range tunable with the internal variactor/hardware.  So, do I not add ANY external inductor/capacitor?

While I'm at it - I can't get the chip to communicate correctly via I2C.  I am convinced the chip is mounted well - which is my biggest concern - but just by visual inspection.  Without correct I2C coms I can only verify that the GPOI1 pulls to a high voltage while the 4713 is in reset, by way of confirming pins are connected well to PCB.

However, when I try to interface, my MCU hangs after sending NACK ending the status read.  The data byte is "0b00000001" but I think the 4713 isn't releasing the I2C clock.  So I can't even read successive times for a valid CTS bit.  Is this a symptom anyone has had before?

One last question, I mount the chip using a low-temp solder paste and ~150°C.  Is there any way that's too hot - and I've damaged the chip somehow?

Thanks again- Rick.

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