Is there any setting that will reduce the spurious emissions on the si4713 chip? Does the si4710/11 have less spurious? Right now I'm measuring about -30-35dbc +-3MHz from carrier. Is there any way to improve it?


Where is the spurious coming from: is it the DSP or PLL? I'm curious why it produces these signals.


Maybe there is another chip I could use? I don't want to build whole PLL, VCO, DSP system myself. It's too complex and the component count is very high.


Any recommendations?


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  • Hi OgreVorbis,


    No, there's no software settings that can reduce the spurious emissions. As you can see from the data sheet, the Transmit Emissions is -30dBc max. You observation is correct. Si4710/11 is also at this level. It seems there's no effective way to improve it since it's the in-band spurious.

    It comes from the harmonics of the IF inside the chip.